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How do users restore backup files in QuickBooks?

Your company file contains important data from the company up to the date the backup was made. It is critical to restoring the most recent file in order to ensure that the data is safe even if it is damaged or lost. If you have any problems, restoring a backup file allows you to go back to one of your save points. That is why understanding how to restore backup files in QuickBooks Desktop is very important.

When it comes to QuickBook backup files, there’s no need to worry. Today’s blog will teach you how to restore a backup file and the significance of doing so.

In Quickbooks Desktop, how to restore backup files

A backup company file (.qbb) is required when restoring a backup file, in order to create a new company (.qbw).

Before you begin, ensure that your backup file is on your local hard drive. Along with that, download a file and save it somewhere easy to find.

  1. To begin, go to the File menu and select the open or restore company option to launch the restore wizard.
  2. Next, select Restore a backup company (.qbb).
  3. Now, select the local backup and then press the next button.
  4. The open backup copy window appears on the next screen.
  5. Only if necessary, navigate to the location where the backup file is saved.
  6. Select the backup file and then click the open and next buttons.
  7. Save the backup file using the drop-down menu and choose a location to save it.
  8. To finish the process, select the backup file and then save it.
  9. Finally, a successful message appeared on the screen. 

Circumstances in which you may need to Restore Backup Files In QuickBooks Desktop

Numerous situations could necessitate the restoration of a backup file. Here are some examples:

  1. Using the QuickBooks verify and rebuild data utility, it is nearly impossible to repair the company file.
  2. If the company is attacked by malware or a virus, it’s possible that all of your data will be compromised.
  3. Delete company data by accident.

We hope that the steps outlined above will be extremely helpful in restoring your backup files in QuickBooks Desktop. If you are still unable to restore or are having difficulty following the steps outlined above, we recommend that you contact our experts. We have a highly skilled team that can provide you with all of the assistance and services you require. You will receive the best possible assistance in resolving your issues as soon as possible.



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