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How Short Video App Has Become a New Normal in Corporate Learning?

Learning and Development (L&D) at the workplace has become a new norm of offering an additional set of knowledge.

Full time, remote, and hybrid working professionals are directed to gather more skills to become more adaptive and proactive.

Since the time of the pandemic, there has been a continuous inclination towards learning and that through microlearning apps. One of the pioneers is Librari short video app making learning goes possible from any preferred location.

Fully into delivering microlearning advantage, the mentioned application has changed the course of corporate learning. More and more professionals find the dire need of enhancing skills from an easy to access medium of learning and that too free of cost.

So, here we have few ways mentioned below that claim the fact that short video app has literally improved the way of acquiring new skills.

1. Improve Learning Culture

Using a short video format on the application helps in improving the overall learning process. It boosts the way professionals grasp knowledge on a particular subject and further increase the motivation to learn more. Moreover, interesting and fun videos can be added to the platform to embrace effective and interesting learning to an optimum value of extent.

2. Tactical Training for Professionals to Return with Normalcy

In the present time of normalcy, most of the professionals are ready to return to normal work in the office. But before doing that most of them want to master the skill and knowledge related to particular technology or field. At such times, tactical training through a short video app helps to deploy quickly to grasp training and getting ready for the work.

3. Reskill Workers

Reskilling is an important aspect to provide existing learning skills to workers after a brief period of time. Professionals can refresh their memory with the existing knowledge from self-learning apps as per their own and accessibility. This tends to save a considerable amount of time and effort for a particular organization.

4. Remote Training for Workers

Just like remote working, remote training as well helps workers to learn from anywhere and at any point in time. With the availability of a self-learning app, professionals can attain new knowledge and skills remotely to work more effectively and efficiently.

5. Encourage Practice to Boost Performance

There is no doubt in saying the fact that mobile learning offers an adaptive learning environment for every single person. It results in optimum training and the addition of new skills that ultimately help to boost workers’ performance to an optimum extent.

6. Effective Learning in the Flow

Try to include less with more with the availability of the microlearning app. It helps busy and remote professionals to find an accessible place to learn more, remain in the flow, and ensure continuity factor. Soon, it becomes a part of daily routine and knowledge flows in a seamless manner.


Microlearning has become a new trend to impact effective skills and training through a short video app. Especially from a corporate point of view, it is essential to learn more and that too at your own pace to improve performance and stability.


Melvin is a passionate and experienced writer having extensive knowledge of Library short video app. He knows all the details of the application that ensures microlearning becoming effective and result-oriented.



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