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How to help small businesses during the outbreak of Coronavirus

 With the spread of the new coronavirus strain (COVID-19), many governments recommend social distancing to prevent transmission. While this is great for containing the virus to a greater extent, it can be financially difficult for pro companies in Dubai that rely on pedestrians. If you’re a customer, you can support your favorite local businesses to help them stay afloat. If you are a business owner, try to stay calm and check if your country or state can provide you with any financial assistance. 


 Buy from small businesses 


 Buy products from the company’s website (if any).  Try searching online for business names to see if they have a website or an e-commerce store. If you can, buy a few more items than you normally would so you can stock up and help your business make more money. Opt for delivery to avoid contact with people or use a pick-up at the store if the company is local and you feel healthy enough to get out. 



 Purchase gift cards for future purchases. Many companies are currently willing to offer vouchers or certificates, so you can still support them without spending a lot of time in the store. Ask the company if they offer gift cards and find out if they have an expiration date to know when you need to use them. Get a gift card for the normal amount you want to spend, if possible, so the business still has a source of revenue. 


 Order delivery or delivery from local restaurants.  Although many restaurants close dinner services, you can still order from them. Private to call the company to see if you can place a takeaway or a delivery order from them directly. If not, check the delivery apps to see if they are there. You can usually place your order for pickup if you do not want to pay shipping fees. 


 Give positive feedback to sites and social media sites for local businesses you want to support and word of mouth orally to your friends, family, and colleagues. 

 Posting your Facebook page without waiting for them to open as well or do a positive review on your website about a product you purchased will help increase your web traffic while reducing foot traffic. Share your posts with your friends and family. Tell people you know about local businesses to support them so they can support them too. 




 Tip to help to wait for employees and drivers. Many food service workers do not get as many counselors during a fire, so it can be a stressful time for them too. If you can, try to increase at least 5% on your board. If you can’t give a large tip, please do your best.



As a business owner to receive financial assistance 



 if provided by the Ministry of Finance, please apply for a disaster relief loan. 

 Visit the website of the country or chamber of commerce and find the page on the coronavirus or COVID-19. Check the loan details and eligibility that your government can offer you, and follow all the on-screen instructions to apply. Write down all the information about your business and apply when you are done. You should receive a response within a few business days, but it may take a while for many companies to show up. 


Check your local Chamber of Commerce website for help if you are in the United States or another country with a Chamber of Commerce. Find your place in the trade department or visit the governor’s website to find resources and information about the COVID-19 explosion. Read through the loans or grants where your business is located to understand what you are entitled to. Fill out any request or send online emails to the officials listed on the website to see if they meet the requirements for assistance.


Contact your bank to see if they will waive service charges. Contact your financial service provider and explain what action they will take during an outbreak. Ask them about the rights of withdrawal or waiver of monthly services so as not to spend so much money that they will normally be a profit for mainland business setup Dubai. Make sure you know about any additional terms, such as repayment or interest, so you won’t be surprised by them later. 

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