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How to make your fussy toddler eat?

Feeding a fussy toddler is a deal because rice maybe his favorite food, but he refuses to eat the next day. Since babies can’t tell what they like to eat or can’t even cook; thus, the parents have to work harder to feed them right. 

Therefore, below is the checklist of creative ideas that you can apply to your fussy toddler to eat. 

  1. Get creative 

Adults, in general, don’t like to eat the same food every day, and they are babies. So, if you try to give them rice for three straight days, they will refuse. 

Thus, you need to get creative with the rice. For example, you serve them as rice and pulse combined. The next day, make them pancakes made in your traditional way using rice. Hence, the new food, even the core ingredient, will entertain and encourage them to eat. 

  1. Make breakfast special 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and doesn’t make it boring by serving the same toast every day. 

The studies show that babies are most hungry during breakfast time. It’s the perfect period when you can sneak in the food item you think your baby will not eat otherwise. For example, tomato, spinach, yogurt, and the best idea is to blend them into a smoothie. 

You can serve them different flavor baby cereal that you bought online and are coated with chocolate or sugar for treats. 

  1. Add flavors

You can enjoy the slight bitterness of raw broccoli, but the baby can’t. Thus, for the baby to joy its food, it must be tasty enough. 

In addition, try adding multiple flavors and study what flavor she likes and whatnot. For example, please provide them with some familiar taste with some new taste and then analyze it. 

  1. Buy fresh produce 

In the definition of baby food, frozen produce like carrots is a big no because they have preservatives and might lose nutrients due to prolonged preservation. Thus, not ideal for the baby’s health. 

Instead, buy fresh organic produce, fruits, and vegetables in season because they are optimum to eat at that time. Plus, the baby will not be depriving itself of the nourishment all-round the year. 

  1. Make the food look good

Taste is not the only requirement for the baby to make up his mind to eat; the food must look good and colorful. 

For example, to add colors to the mashed potato salad, you can add green herbs like coriander leaves or boiled mashed/ smaller carrot chunks.

You can serve the sandwich in the form of puzzle pieces shaped out like a start or flowers, which ate easy to buy at your nearest store. If the food looks colorful and exciting, they will surely eat it. 

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