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Importance Of BIM For Architects in Gurgaon

Before approaching any architect or engineer, what do you all have in your mind apart from the design you want? Do you think about how your building will look like and what materials are going to be used? As you know there is a professional with whom you can consult and they will guide you with all the possible requirements. They will show how your building going to look like in the future. Every client has a right to know what technological software will be used by the Architects in Gurgaon for their house or office space.

Now Question arises what is BIM? Why BIM is beneficial? How BIM will be implemented in Design? How BIM will be adapted by architects?  This article will boost your knowledge about BIM. 

What is BIM?

BIM ( Building Information Modeling) is a technological software designed for the field of construction. It generates 3D Models of the building structures which makes it easier for top Architects in Gurgaon and engineers to work on the projects. Apart from generating models, BIM helps in updating the relevant changes to the owner and other persons included in the project. BIM stores all data which can be easily accessed when one needs it and make appropriate changes. 

Levels of BIM

The different levels of BIM range from Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. These are called as “BIM Maturity Level.”

BIM Level 0–  At this stage, only information is collected and no professional cooperation is needed. CAD-based drawings are used in Level 0.

 BIM Level 1- During this stage all the gathered information is shared with collaborators. The collected information is stored in the “Common Data Environment” which is used by various companies. Usually, contractors are involved at this stage who makes the transition of designs from CAD to 2D and 3D Design.

BIM Level 2- At this stage, all the collaborators who are involved in the project like Architecture in Gurgaon work amongst but not at the same single platform. 

BIM Level 3- this is the final level of BIM where full integration is involved. The model of the structure is accessible to everyone and can be used by everyone. 

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Benefits Of BIM

  • Enhanced Productivity- It increases the productivity of the work because the information is shared at one go, changes are made faster, and reaches out to professionals thus updating the current status.
  • High Data Storage– BIM stores a vast amount of information this makes the best Architects in Gurgaon and engineers work smoothly on their big files.
  • Build Better Quality Infrastructure–  BIM helps in creating a structure with precision and enabling it to be built with the right management and correct approach, leads to a good quality structure with accurate precision.
  • No Interference- Usually, due to miscommunication chances of mistakes were higher but BIM  assures that no mistake is carried out. 

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Reasons Why India is lacking behind in progressing with BIM

  • Ignorance Of new technology- It is an interesting fact that to be noted down that the real estate sector has the second-largest no. of employees. And is not aware of new technologies that are introduced in the construction industry. This is because of ignorance. So, it’s very important to architects, engineers and other professionals working in the construction sector should keep themselves updated with the latest technologies like BIM. This will make their working process well-organized and easy to access.
  • BIM was not introduced in the education syllabus- There are many institutions that are sharing and teaching the importance of BIM technology, But, there is a need of including a full course on BIM that can help in exploring the BIM technology. The would-be architects should get properly trained on how to utilize this technology. If architecture student gets chance to learn new technologies prior than they can set new progress for the construction sector.
  • Lack of Skilled Professions- BIM is specifically designed for architects, structural engineers, and other professionals working in the construction sector. It requires proper training to know everything about the functioning of the software. India’s construction industry lacks these technical skills and people. 

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Hence, BIM is beneficial to all professionals like architects, structural engineers, or clients. It plays a vital role in the construction field in a country like India where a lot of construction takes place daily. Still, there is a need for up-gradation in the form of technology that enhances the work level in the Architecture Firms in Gurgaon



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