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Importance of Rudraksha and Its Types

Rudraksha: The Tear of Shiva

There are many rare things on this earth, which not only provide physical pleasure to the animal, but also have physical and spiritual qualities. Just as a diamond can only be tested by a jeweler, so only those who have decent knowledge about nature and god-given rare things can be tested. In the absence of information, a ‘diamond’ is also a piece of glass, while it is precious and endowed with many qualities from all metals.

The Rudraksha, which comes out of the eyes of Lord Shiva in the form of tears, is not only a bundle of forest fruits, but also contains in it the infinite, ordinary many divine powers,
under whose influence man attains The Land of Shiva, free from all kinds of obstacles.

Rudraksha has a religious significance, but as a result of much research work done on Rudraksha, its usefulness has also increased in the materialistic countries of America, Europe, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, Philippines, etc. Due to the qualities of removing many diseases, people of all walks of life have also started wearing it.

We have tried to present a complete description of everything from the one-sided rudraksha to the twenty-one-sided rudraksha. At the same time, it has also tried to present a complete introduction to the nature of the rudraksha related, religious importance, medicinal importance, the tantrik use and the description and source along with the picture of the concerned yantra. There are some rudrakshas which are very rare to meet. If they are found, there is doubt about their reality. All the fruits of that rudraksha are obtained only by the holding of the respective instruments.

Rudraksha is an invaluable and wonderful gift of Lord Shankar. This is shankarji’s most beloved object. It is only by its touch and by chanting it that all are retired from sin and cosmic-supernatural and material happiness is attained.

Regarding the origin of Rudraksha, the ‘Shiva Purana’ mentions that – ‘Sadashiva said to Mother Parvati one day for the sake of philanthropy, ‘O God! I had done penance for the divine millennium year by stabilizing the mind in the past. At that time, I felt a little scared that opened my eyes. Tears (drops) began to fall from my eyes. At the same time, tears were produced on the earth in the form of rudraksha-trees, which later became known as rudraksha, the fruits that are found in these trees are called the fruit of rudraksha. This fruit is the symbol of ‘male mund’. Rudraksha literally means rudra’s eye. ’’

 In respect of Rudraksha, a detailed description is seen in Shiva Tattva Ratnakar, ShivPurana, PadamPurana, SkandaPurana, Rudraksha Balopanishad, Rudrapurana, Lingapurana, Shrimad Bhagwat and Devi Bhagavata. In all the scriptures, Rudraksha is considered to be the most beloved object of The Real Mahakal and it is said to attain the Ultimate Land by its mere touch.

The origin of Rudraksha is believed to be wherever there are tears in Sadashiva’s eyes. From the Gaud country to mathura, ayodhya, kashi, malayachal mountain, etc., the results of rudraksha were produced as a result of the constant fall of shiva’s tears. Since then, the significance of rudraksha has increased and its glory was found in the Vedas.

In the Shiva Purana, rudraksha is said to be held in thirty-two limbs. Rudraksha has its own perfect tantra-mantra and yantra, in which the growth of riddhi-siddhi leads from inherent and smallness to dignity. Tukash gives no power to things. By doing this, many serious diseases are removed, it fulfills the desired desires.

Types of Rudraksha

  • one-sided rudraksha
  • double-faced rudraksha
  • three-sided rudraksha
  • four-faced rudraksha
  • panchmukhi rudraksha
  • hexamukhi rudraksha
  • saptamukhi rudraksha
  • octave rudraksha
  • neo-facing rudraksha
  • ten-faced rudraksha
  • eleven-faced rudraksha
  • dwadasmukhi rudraksha
  • trayodamukhi rudraksha
  • quadruped rudraksha


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