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Important international festivals in Poland

First of all, I must say that Poland is a place where many cultural events happen. I live in this country almost 25 years and I can’t say that I am bored and don’t have idea what to do with my spare time. It’ s because throughout the years big Polish cities organized a bunch of festivals. Their range vary from smoky jazz sessions and students days to serious classical music performances. There are also all kinds of folklore and sailor festivals. Probably thanks to them Poland hotels have so much visitors who are taking Poland tours just to see this beautiful country with its best cultural events (and take a chance to have cheap holiday to Poland). These are the most important three festivals.

One of the oldest is Wratislavia Cantans, an international music and fine arts festival organized in Wroclaw since 1966. It’s creator was a conductor, director of Philharmonic and composer Andrzej Markowski. Thanks to this excellent artist Wroclaw might see live performances of numerous masterpieces of oratorio music by Monteverdi, Bach, Händel and others. His successors (Tadeusz Strugala, Lidia Geringer d’Oedenberg and Andrzej Kosendiak) first extended festivals’ formula, including chamber concerts, recitals and the visual art presentations ballet, opera in concert or film version and instrumental works, to back once again to vocal music. This festival takes place every Autumn. So if you are a connoisseurs of classical music, reserve yourself time in September, take one of cheap flights to Poland and book one of Wroclaw Hotels to see a new face of classical music.

In that seasson there is also a festival in capital of Poland. It’s called ‘Autumn Warsaw”. This annual event was founded in 1956 by two composers and dedicated to contemporary music. The aim of this festival, with long history and tradition, was and is to present new Polish and world music. Established in hard times of comunism was an island of creative freedom and art. It’s formula was always based on ecltecticism in its positive meaning. You can find there not only musical radicalism, references to tradition, past and culture that it’s connected with but also an audio-art or sound instalation. Nowadays there are books and musical records published after each edition.

Also a very important event is happening in Krakow: the Jewish Culture Festival. The First Festival took place in 1988 and it function as a field of dialogue between Jewish and Polish cultures. It was also a good occasion to talk about lost matter of Auschwitz and especially Auschwitz Concentration Camp back then. But next year brought a different adjustment and this festival became a place of meetings Jews and non-Jews from all over the world and sharing the living Jewish tradition. There are films, performances, presentations, and exhibitions to see. Presently there is also a possibility to participate in creating that tradition as there are organized workshops in Hasidic dance and song, Hebrew calligraphy, Jewish paper cutting and cooking. Every year is bringing more guests (Krakow apartments are almost full in June) interested in celebrating life, Jewish culture and trying to build. good relations.



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