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Important Rules and Safety Instructions for Learner Drivers

SUMMARY: Learner drivers are usually anxious about hitting the road, but they get over the fear after some time. For this reason, there are road rules and safety instructions every learner must follow to stay safe. 

Important Rules and Safety Instructions for Learner Drivers

Learning to drive is a new experience for teens and everyone getting behind the wheels for the first time. There is always the risk of an accident, especially when you do not understand what you need to do. These accidents are caused by new drivers and other reckless road users. It is pretty disturbing thinking about the possibilities of accidents, but everyone can take precautions and stay safe. Take a look at some road rules and safety instructions learners should follow to keep themselves and other drivers safe.

  • Drive within the speed limits

Once you get comfortable driving, you will be tempted to go beyond the speed limits. The Department of Transportation sets speed limits after a thorough investigation by engineers. They consider the road type, accident history, sight distance, and traffic volume. Therefore, checking speed limit road signs is safe for you and protects other road users.

  • Wear your seat belt at all times

Learner drivers should wear seatbelts at all times, even for the shortest trips. Seat belts can help you survive a fatal accident because they minimize the impact on your body. You are also protected from flying out the window in case of a hard crash. 

  • Steadily hold the wheel

Steering smoothly keeps you in control when driving. It allows you to seamlessly take turns or hold the car on a straight road. Steadily holding the steering wheel is efficient for any driver who wants to stay in control.

  • Read the road signs

Make an effort to understand all the road signs, pavement markings, and safety signals. While it is easy to feel confident about your driving abilities, do not ignore speed limit road signs. The signs are there to protect you and other drivers from causing accidents. 

  • Brake gently

When driving, avoid completely pushing your brake pedal in. All learner drivers must know when they need to stop. If you

see a stop sign or the lights turn yellow, slowly apply pressure on the brakes to stop the car.

  • Maintain distance on the road

Always maintain adequate distance between you and the car in front regardless of driving experience. However, learners always have a slow reaction time in case of instant braking or an accident. When you rear-end the car in front of you, you will face expensive repair costs and high insurance payments. 

  • Always drive on the left side

Australian drivers should keep left at all times, and you need to remember this when approaching an intersection. You can always talk to your supervisor to guide you on navigating the roads in your city or state.

  • Always check your blind spots

You should always check your side mirrors to know what is going on the side and behind your vehicle. However, there are blind spots where other cars, pedestrians, and bikes can hide. Learners should always check these blind spots when changing lanes or making turns. 

Learning drivers can simplify their learning process by following these simple guidelines. Road safety awareness will help you and those around you stay safe on the road. If you are not sure about these rules, you are free to ask your instructor to help you understand them.

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