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Improve driver hiring and retention with air-powered automated landing gear for trailers

As per a 2020 survey published by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), one of the top concerns going in the trucking industry is related to the hiring of truck drivers. For any truck transportation service, retaining skilled drivers is the key to run an efficient operation. If we look at the statistics of the last few years, the drivers in the trucking industry are facing various health issues related to physical injuries and rheumatics due to the heavy workload. This has significantly resulted in the drivers leaving the company while increasing the labor compensation cost of the company. This is why Patriot Lift Company LLC has developed advanced landing gear automation technology- aimed to improve driver hiring while eliminating injuries and enhancing productivity.

Read this article to know the benefits of this advanced technology in the process of raising and lowering the landing gear that has made many potential drivers rejoin the trucking industry that assures their safety.

Benefits of On-Lift Air Powered Landing Gear Automation Systems

There are many benefits of On-Lift powered landing gear automation systems. Some of them are mentioned below:

• Reduces Injury and Increase Safety
One of the significant benefits of implementing air-powered landing gears is injury prevention and reduction among the drivers. Gone are the days of using a hand crank to load and unload trailers with forces up to 100 lbs in all sorts of nasty conditions. The unrivaled landing gear from the Patriot Lift Company LLC is capable of lifting up to 60,000 lb trailer just with the push of a switch. Your drivers will thank you for safeguarding them against the risk of suffering from ergonomic injuries such as strains and musculoskeletal injuries.

• Lightweight
The automated gear is compact lightweight, weighing only 9lbs. It is made with 20% thicker steel using exclusive patented technology that has allowed it to remain lighter yet more powerful and efficient than conventional landing gears.

• Efficient and Saves Time
Trailer productivity improvement is a matter of concern. Unlike the manual cranking torque, which requires bodily power to lift massive loads of a consignment, you can use an air-powered landing gear automation system that automatically raises and lowers landing gear in less than 10 seconds, with or without load, to increase your productivity. It helps in increasing the revenue by at least $100,000 per year.

• Stronger
The air-powered landing gear is purely based on; air operating technology. So there is no use of messy hydraulics and no electric power source needed to operate it. It is strong and efficient enough to work in both high as well as low gear under all types of weather conditions.

• Supports EEO hiring
Due to the lesser involvement of the drivers in physical work, you can hire drivers based on EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity). It means the operation can be performed- irrespective of sex, age, race, or physical handicaps. They also reduce retiring attrition because of physical restrictions.

Final Verdict

The advanced air-powered landing gear from Patriot Lift Company, LLC brings improvement in driver recruitment and helps in potential driver retention regardless of their gender, age, and physical deformity. With such innovative automation techniques, the carriers and drivers in the United States are discovering lower costs, increased productivity, and enhanced efficiency. Thanks to extensive testing and field trials in extreme weather conditions, the landing gear brings more scope to carry additional freight at the same cost.

Nevertheless, investing in air-powered landing gears is multiple times better for your drivers saving them from severe back and shoulder pain along with several other injuries. If you want to buy the best air-automated landing gears for trailers to improve driver hiring process in the USA, look no further than On-lift landing gears! Get in touch with their professionals today!



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