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Know the Wonderful Benefits of Adopting a Stepchild

An adoption is a noble act not only for couples facing infertility issues but also for those thinking to start a new life after going through family breakage. For couples entering into remarriage, having a child from an earlier marriage, adoption comes as a very useful means. In order to remove the “step-parent” tag from their relationship with the child of their spouse, they can resort to the process of adoption. There are special procedures for adoption defined for step-parents in different countries. Adopting a stepchild modifies the legal relationship between the step parent and the stepchild. The status of “step” in a relationship generally brings an element of “ formality,” though it might not be so in actuality. 

Advantages of adopting a stepchild

Being a step-parent usually causes the person to be pre-judged by the society at large in respect of their relationship and behavior with their “step-child”, that judgment being negative in most of the cases. This preconceived notion revolving around the concept of step-parenting also leaves an indelible mark in the personality and overall psychology of the concerned child, which ultimately affects the relationship between the two, certainly in an adverse way. 

The bond which could have developed between them is reduced to a formal and distant relationship due to this fact. Thus, it creates a sort of vacuum in between the family. Thus, the relationship shared between the step-parent and child is seen as something deviating from society’s “normal” version of family. Adoption of one’s step-child comes to the rescue here. It not only addresses the above-said issues which can bother any step-parent, but also it fosters a healthy bond between the said persons, leading to the “completeness” in the family. The vacuum, as mentioned earlier, is now filled by the eradication of “step” from the parents and the child, leaving ample scope for affection and love. By adopting the step-child, one acquires all the legal rights and responsibilities towards the so-called “step-child”. 

The process of adoption

  • The process of such adoption is quite detailed and mostly regulated by law, prescribing certain conditions to be met for the adoption to occur or, in other words, the circumstances making the concerned person eligible for adopting the child. These conditions are laid down to ensure the child’s welfare at all costs, and due regard is given to the right of the other parent (who is not living/ having custody of the child), without whose consent cannot make the adoption. 
  • The effects of adoption are very serious, as it serves all the ties of the child from the person who is giving his/ her child for adoption. Some countries also prescribe the compulsory taking of consent of the child for his/her adoption if the child is older, i.e., usually above 10 years of age. 
  • The eligibility conditions for becoming the adoptive parent vary in different legal systems prevalent in the world, but one condition that remains constant is ensuring the child’s welfare.

These are some benefits of adopting a stepchild. 



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