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Learn How to Make Gel Nail Polish Stickers Last Over 10 Days

Gel nail polish has set the trend. Apart from its voguish appeal, there are other reasons for women opting for gel nail polish. One of the reasons is that working ladies don’t have much time to pamper themselves, getting their nails done. However, gel nails are just a one-day hassle and stay quite long. Dressing with gel sticker nails set the next level. 

Gel nail polish is indestructible and has a phenomenal gloss. Whether one digs into a handbag, there is a zero risk of chipping of nails. In addition, one can get a kit and make their home a nail salon. It’s very easy to do home care gel nail manicures by following the steps mentioned in the package. But some find it difficult to make nail stickers & wraps lasting over a week. 

In this article, we will learn about a few guidelines that can help your homecare gel nails to stay more than 10 days. 

Apply a Top Coat

The easiest way to cure the gel nail stickers is by applying a topcoat. Get a transparent nail polish; make sure to purchase a quality one because that renders an effective result. The top coat acts as a waterproof seal featuring durability. Being working on the laptop for many hours or in a field job, there are chances of crack. So, the topcoat prevents the gel nail sticker from being damaged, and one feels worth applying. 

Avoid Water and Heat

Once the application is done, ensure to avoid water and heat. At least for an hour, completely keep your hands away from water and don’t involve yourself in cooking. Some don’t believe that high temperature can affect their gel nail stickers. But the answer is yes, as it affects the Vinyl, which is used for making stickers for nails. The high heat weakens the grip of stickers and is easily torn or removed. 

The Right Brand

This might not sound like a tip, but it is one of the most important tips. Choosing the right brand makes a difference. If someone desires things to stay long, then quality is the key to support the desire. To make the nail decals last longer than it usually holds, go for the right brand serving durability and style. 

Use Extra Nail Glue

Generally, one gets semi-cured gel nail stickers. Here, the next tip is to apply a bit of extra nail glue to have a firm. The extra glue increases the strength of the pasting power of the watercolor nail stickers. More glue means to experience lasting results. 

Prep Nails Properly

Another useful yet practical trip is to prep nails properly before going for the watercolor nail decals. The first thing is to file the nails to have a smooth surface. Once the filing is done, clean the nails adequately. One can clean with alcohol, nail cleaner, or soap adequately. By following these two essential steps, the gel nail decals will stay more than 10 days. 

Final Views

Gel nails have become a core part of the fashion industry. From celebrities to athletes adore the beauty of gel nails. 

Above are some of the best tips that help gel nail stickers to last long. One feels great when things work accordingly. Similarly, to make gel nail decals last longer, follow the above useful tips. 



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