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MRCOG PART 3 (OSCE)- Preparation Advice

As a matter of first importance you need a pat on your back. You have passed section 2 and it implies you have nearly arrived at the shore. Psyche you it’s no simple accomplishment as such countless competitors discover this imprint subtle.

The inquiry that generally emerges subsequent to passing section 2 is when to give section 3? I for one incline toward giving it quickly as you will be still new with the rules and you don’t need to sit around to modify them once more.

After section 2 test unwind for a day and return to business. Since there is no time. The additional time you have the more you can peruse and the more you can imitate in the test and the more possibilities of you passing. Perceive how everything is so interconnected ? It simply begins with starting early. Get this lead time


This is something that will chew your heart and mind till the end. Your companions will go on and on with regards to different courses so it’s hard to pick. All educators say that a limit of 2 courses ought to be sufficient. I sincerely concur. Most courses will be in U.K. So it’s smarter to choose the two courses that are close by in the event that you intend to return to your nation of origin.

The one that you should do is the RCOG course, just on the grounds that it’s awesome. I went to this and right around 2-3 cases came from the course. It nearly felt like I having this feels familiar. Likewise since I was the principal cluster MRCOG directed section 3 , we additionally had genuine inspectors and job players. This course certain is an absolute necessity join in. The spaces get booked rapidly so when the outcomes are declared get the telephone, keep a Visa prepared and book your place. They will get finished up inside a large portion of a day.

The second course I did was an internet based course by Dr.Mustafa Ahmed( Facebook page-Mustafa Ahmed Mrcog TMG) It helped me a ton. Endeavoring osce interestingly I knew next to nothing about clinical administration stations, handout examination and so forth This course returned me on target inside a limited capacity to focus. I would earnestly prescribe this course to anybody.

Do follow  MRCOG  REACH on Facebook . He gives generally excellent material and furthermore answers any questions you have. I thought that it is exceptionally helpful . I know there are numerous different courses yet lamentably I don’t have the foggiest idea how they are. I’m certain they should be acceptable. So make an inquiry or two a piece prior to choosing which two courses you should join in. Ensure one of the courses you go to has a circuit practice on it. Have a vibe of how the genuine test feels like with practically no breaks.

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