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Must Watch PAKISTANI Serials

In terms of storyline, amazing performances, and a strong headed portrayal of characters, Pakistani TV dramas and serials never fail to disappoint us in terms of entertainment and will make you addicted to these best Pakistani dramas of all time. The Pakistani television industry, which is still relatively new, is quickly catching up in terms of popularity and quality programming. Each show has a fixed number of episodes. a format faithfully adopted by the West, and a specific plot line, they are unquestionably attracting the interest of audiences all around the world.

  1. Yakeen ka safar

The series premiered in 2017 on the HUM TV channel. The series had a total of 29 episodes and was based on Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel “Yakeen ka Naya Safar.” The plot is a romantic drama about two people who have transformed as a result of numerous hardships and challenges.

  • Suno chanda

This Pakistani TV programme was a particular romantic wedding drama that centred around a couple’s wedding procedures, who are in a Nikaah but are living apart because their Rukhsati has yet to occur, and their families’ ties. The series aired on Hum TV and was hailed for its storyline and direction. It won several accolades. The show was nominated for five major awards.

  • Daam

Despite their vastly different social classes, Zara (Sanam Baloch) and Maleeha (Aamina Sheikh) are great friends. Junaid (Adeel Hussain), Maleeha’s brother, returns to Pakistan and expresses interest in marrying Zara. Maleeha is unhappy with this arrangement since she believes her best friend has been manipulating her for years in order for her to enjoy their lavish lifestyle.

  • Zindagi gulzar hai

Kashaf (Sanam Saeed) is a hardworking student with a pessimistic outlook on life. She doesn’t want to be reliant on a man because her father remarried when she was little. Zaroon (Fawad Khan) comes from a wealthy family, but his strict religious beliefs occasionally get the better of him. In a genuine manner, the play depicts the finer intricacies of relationships.

  • Phaans

Phaans, a new drama on HUM TV, is one of the best new dramas. The drama is about the dark side of relationships and the mental and physical violence that ensues. Despite the fact that we have seen numerous dramas about rape and sexual abuse, this drama emphasises the pressures that the lower class experiences in such a situation. Zara Noor Abbas and Sami Khan are among the prominent characters in this drama.

  • Fitoor

Fitoor tells a narrative of love that transcends all, because a person in love is compelled to forget about the troubles of the past and the uncertainties of the future. Despite his success as an architect, Haider’s love life is weak since he is still haunted by the memory of his love interest. Dilnasheen, on the other hand, comes from a middle-class family. is head over heels in love with Hamza, the brother of her best friend. Both are determined to be with each other for the rest of their lives, despite the hardships they may face. Dilnasheen’s life takes an awful turn when she crosses paths with Haider in the present.



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