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Nada yoga – The power to heal the body with sound

Naad means word, sound, and voice. According to the music Damodar, there are 3 types of sounds – Pranibhava, Apranibhava, Ubhayasambhava.

That which is created from the organs is called Pranibhava. That which emanates from the veena etc. is called Apranibhava and that which is emanated from the flute is called Ubhaya-Sambhav.

Raag, Geet, Swara, nothing is possible without Naad. The whole world is negative. From this point of view, there are two types of sound – Aahata and Anahata. Aahata means the sound made by the combination of objects, whereas the sound produced by itself is called Anahata.

Talking about the purpose of Naada Yoga, its main purpose is to take it from Ahad to Anahad. For this, you first create a sound, then connect your mind with that sound. Om has been invented only to keep the mind in one line. This increases the knowledge of the seeker. Life becomes full of joy. By doing this the hearing power becomes very fast.

Naad Yoga is considered to be the best to understand God. The sound is heard only when a person starts getting success in it, hearing the sound is a sign of attainment of accomplishment.

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Naad Yoga: Correct way to chant Mantra.

  • To investigate the sound of this Om is called Nada Yoga. When you pronounce Om, the sound of Om is heard in your ears. Which parts of your body were affected by chanting Om, understand it carefully and study it.
  • To do this, first of all, close your ears with your thumb or finger. And then pronounce. Its biggest effect will be on your cheeks, neck, and mouth. After this, feel this hum on the nose, behind the ears, and on the head.
  • Where are these waves of sound going and from where are they coming? Finding and studying these sound waves is called Naad Yoga. When you chant Naad, that is its first stage.


What happens when you become successful in Naad Yoga?

  • On the practice of pronouncing continuously, there comes a time when you do not need to pronounce.
  • In this, you only have to close your ears and eyes. You automatically start hearing the pronunciation of Om from within yourself.
  • You may hear this soundless in the beginning but with continuous practice, it increases.
  • The sages say that in the beginning this sound will be heard like the sound of crickets.
  • Then slowly it will feel that the bean is playing after that gradually the drum-like beat will be heard, then this sound will become like a conch.
  • We are so busy with our work that we cannot even hear our inner voice.
  • Yoga says that to hear it one has to start from within.


On meditation: While practicing the pronunciation of (ॐ), there comes a time when there is no need to pronounce it, you just close your eyes and ears and listen to it inside and that sound will be heard. In the beginning, it will be heard very subtly and then it will increase.

Sadhus and saints say that this sound will initially sound like the sound of crickets. Then slowly as the bean is being played, then gradually the drum-like beat will be heard, then this sound will become like a conch shell. Yoga says that the divine words keep sounding within every person, but the person does not have enough time to listen to himself.

It is said that the heartbeats 70 times per minute but a person cannot hear it. Similarly, many internal organs want to talk to you to tell you that we have the ability to hear the voice of the universe, but where is the time for you. Only when we fall ill do you know that we are.

is not the name of any word. (ॐ ) is a sound, which is not made by anyone. This is the sound that is happening in every particle, in the whole space. The Vedas, the Gita, the Puranas, the Quran, the Bible, the speech of Nanak all bear witness to this. Yoga says that to hear from it, one has to start from within. (ॐ ).

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