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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pet friendly artificial grass is also the name given to this kind of synthetic grass which is usually utilized in dog runs and kennels. It typically has a medium to full-sized pile length of about two inches and behaves and looks like that of real natural grass. With its introduction to commercial use, there are now more pet lovers who are turning their back to using real grass on their properties because they feel that it is cruel and unappealing. But thanks to its adaptation to modern design and production processes, this kind of grass is not only considered pet-friendly but also safe to use on properties. Here are some tips in choosing the right type of pet grass for your needs.

Wide Variety Of Colors And Patterns

Most pet friendly artificial grass┬ácome in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can choose one that best suits your property’s exterior and surroundings. There are even those that are landscaped with decorative trees, rocks and edging so as to give an appealing look. Some types of this synthetic turf contain UV radiation inhibitors which prevent fading of colors caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

This kind of artificial grass does not absorb any urine or odours when it is in use. However, prolonged exposure to urine can result in significant damage to the texture, colour and consistency of the surface. It is recommended that you clean up urine immediately after use a vacuum to remove any trace of urine odours. In case of dried up pet friendly artificial grass that dries out completely after just a few days of use, it is time to get new ones from suppliers to avoid such problems in the future.

Ultra sound deadening polymers

Ultra sound deadening polymers are used in most pet friendly artificial grass and are extremely durable against sound. They are able to trap sound within the material and prevent it from travelling through the material. If sound waves encounter the surface of this artificial turf, they are easily absorbed by the surface and the sound does not travel through it. Therefore, you will not experience the disturbing effects of vehicle driving on the pitch of your artificial turf.

The pet friendly, ultra sound deadening polymers are applied to the surface of the fake grass using trucks. They are then spread over the surface to make it look like it has been laid from above. When maintenance is required, it can be removed using trucks and is easy to do. However, if you have an old fake grass latex backed grass that needs to be replaced, you can remove it yourself using brushes and rakes. It is highly recommended that you get professional help for removing this type of fake grass.

UV resistant chemicals

Another type of pet friendly artificial grass that contains UV resistant chemicals is available. This type is also known as solar-powered grass, thanks to its solar powered properties. The synthetic grass comes with a protective layer that prevents UV rays from harming the grass and damaging its properties. You do not have to worry about dead grasses or damaged lawns when installing this pet friendly artificial grass because its solar powered properties can automatically turn it back to its normal appearance after sunlight has gone. It is important to place this kind of grass next to an east facing wall so that sunlight can reach it.

The third type is made up of highly durable materials and is great for golf courses. It is called the seamless turf because it can seamlessly connect gaps without any seams. The seamless synthetic grass comes with a plastic backing which makes it water proof and eliminates the need for staking. You can safely use this type of grass next to fences and it can also withstand heavy rains.

Its maintenance is very easy

The most impressive thing about this type of pet friendly artificial grass is that its maintenance is very easy. It requires very little amount of water and you can expect minimal amount of weeds to grow. So, if you want to make your yard look really great, then the best choice for you is to get one of these highly durable synthetic turf products which are now readily available in the market.



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