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Popular Comedy Shows in Boston 2021

Boston is a city rich with black culture, history, and heritage. It is full of restaurants, boutiques, lanes, street food, shopping stalls, and whatnot. Explore a history of ingenuity and innovation. But how is it different from other cities, you ask? We have the answer- the world’s best comedy shows happen here. Comedy shows in Boston have been hosting world-class stand-ups and performances for years. Its stages have featured the most famous names in the world of comedy. Boston has been entertaining its people and continues to do so with its live shows. If you are visiting Boston this holiday, find yourself lucky. Also, be prepared to laugh your sweat out because the comedy shows won’t be what you experienced until now.

Attend The Top Comedians In Boston

Mike Birbiglia

Right now, your mind might probably be struggling to recall where you heard this name. We will remind you- Mike Birbiglia has released two albums and hosted four Comedy Central specials. The most recent was in 2019 named The New One. Now you remember? Even if you don’t know this name, he is a hilarious comic who was once among the youngest comedians ever to attend The Late Show with David Letterman. Mike took his career from headlining colleges to clubs, concert halls and becoming a nationwide famous comedy star. 

He has written and directed sleepwalk with me, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2012. In 2016, he came back with his new release, Don’t Think Twice. After that, The New One brought him to make his debut in the Great White Way, then adding a new journey to his comedy shows. Mike visits Boston every year and makes the audience laugh out loud with his performances. 

Book your tickets with Eventsfy because we know that you are intrigued by him by now. 

Patton Oswalt

This multi-talented entertainer started his stand-up comedy in the late 80s and is now world popular. Popularly recognized as Spencer ocean in the king of Queens, he has also given voices or played many other characters in different shows. He plays various comedy shows in Boston.  

His humor is popularly characterized as “righteous anger.” Now an A-list comic, Patton can now steal the audience’s attention without trying his best. He can talk less and make you love him and laugh at his jokes. 

Kathleen Madigan

Enjoy the eight o’clock happy hour tour with the funniest woman in America, as described by Lewis Black. Kathleen Madigan has won the American Comedy Award, and she is among the favorite comedians of Americans. People love to attend her sell-out tours, late-night talk shows, and nationally run radio shows. She is among the few comics to appear on popular late-night shows, including Letterman, Conan, Leno, and Ferguson. 

She is an unpretentious, wise-cracking comedian who covers every subject from her chaotic family, pompous politicians, to celebrities. She may even be as random as talking about the airport lounge wacko. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Boston, her show is the best option you can go for.  

Summing Up

Boston has many more comedy shows to offer, from Get On Your Knees to Jonathan Van Ness. There’s everything you might and might not have heard of. Make your visit to Eventsfy and find the popular upcoming comedy shows in Boston near you. You can even book tickets in advance from the same platform.



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