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Reason Why Pick Steel Cabinets

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Petroleum refineries serve as the backbone of several other businesses, converting crude oil into gasoline, asphalt, kerosene, and a variety of other petroleum-based products and raw materials for other industries. Numerous techniques used to manufacture these items include the use of strong chemicals that may rapidly corrode metal when exposed.

Due to the harsh circumstances present in and near petroleum processing sites, every component of the refinery must be designed to endure extreme stress. This is especially true for the stainless steel storage cabinets that will be permanently put onsite for usage by employees during their daily routines.

Why Should You Choose Stainless Steel Cabinets?

You never know what kind of stress a safety storage cabinet (and its contents) may be subjected to during the situations for which they were constructed. Steel safety storage cabinets are much more resistant to enormous impacts and extreme temperatures than plastic cabinets. Plain steel, on the other hand, would not be suitable for many refineries due to the danger of exposure to numerous chemicals that rapidly corrode metals without a thick protective oxide coating.

A high-performance material such as grade 304 stainless steel is required to give the best resistance to physical impacts, high temperatures, and chemical exposure. A durable stainless steel safety storage cabinet can endure years of daily use without rusting or becoming difficult to open—which is crucial during an emergency when employees must immediately retrieve the cabinet’s contents.

Made in the United States of America, Made to Order

Marlin specialises in specialised stainless steel wire, sheet metal, and expanded metal forms for a variety of sectors. including petroleum industry. All of our bespoke metal forms are manufactured in the United States of America to the highest quality standards.

To assist in ensuring a continual high level of “Quality, Engineered Quick®,” Marlin makes use of the following:

Questionnaires for Custom Metal Forms. Before they begin designing your custom steel cabinets, they’ll send you a questionnaire in which you’ll be asked to provide information about the cabinet’s intended use (storing emergency supplies, uniforms, or raw materials), the processes carried out at your factory (including process temperatures, chemicals, and byproducts to which the cabinet may be exposed), and more. This information assists Marlin’s design experts in creating the ideal stainless steel storage cabinets for your requirements.

Analysis Using Finite Elements. Before approving any bespoke steel cabinet design, it is subjected to virtual physics simulations to validate it against the circumstances it will face. In a matter of minutes, these finite element analysis (FEA) tests may replicate decades of usage. If the cabinet bends even slightly more than the width of a human hair, the design fails and must be revised until it passes.

Automated Manufacturing. Marlin employs a range of production robots to guarantee that each bespoke steel cabinet it produces consistently meets exceedingly tight component specifications. Unlike manual employees, these machines are not prone to fatigue, boredom, or repetitive motion stress injuries, allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency from dawn to night. These machines enable Marlin to maintain an unmatched level of uniformity and production speed.

Mechanical Engineers with a degree. 20% of Marlin’s staff has degrees in mechanical engineering and have years of practical expertise creating bespoke metal shapes. This enables them to produce the greatest bespoke stainless steel cabinet designs feasible for your specific demands.

Are you looking for a bespoke stainless steel storage cabinet for your refinery? Contact the specialists at Marlin to get a steel cabinet built in the United States that is tailored to your specifications.



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