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Reasons Why Comparing Car Insurance Is Important

Getting a new car for your family is always a joy to behold, especially when it comes with some effective warranties and insurances. While warranties are specific to the car brands and are generally un-modifiable, it is the insurance that you can choose entirely based on your needs and wants. And as the number and type of insurance companies are growing at a galloping pace, it is always better to do your homework before selecting the best car insurance in India. Now the question is, how to go about choosing the right one? Well, while your mode of research can easily be the Internet, it is wise to understand the qualities of a good insurance for making a good choice. For instance, shall we proceed with an insurer which allows car insurance renewal online, or do we prefer the long-drawn procedures and documentations like ancient times? The decision-making is simple, once the necessities are clear. So, let’s analyse the need for comparing car insurance. 

Surveying the various car insurers in India is not that an awful task, and the benefits of it can be phenomenal. While zeroing in on the best car insurance in India, you may consider judging it on the basis of following parameters:

  1. Most Favourable Premium: From a general perspective, the first thing which comes to our mind while selecting car insurances is the premium we need to pay for it. The lower the premium, the better for us. But be advised, a cheap product is not always the best one. Hence, analyse the Premium amount in light of the other benefits being provided.
  2. Easy to Purchase: A good factor to consider, we should always look for the insurers offering easier purchase and renewal methods. Now in this busy world, people seldom has time for running to Insurance companies from time-to-time for maintaining their car insurance. Instead, why not select one which offers car insurance renewal online, lighter documentation, and simpler process?
  3. Claim Settlement: Settlement of insurance claims is probably the biggest trait for analysing how good an insurer really is. While one can never get an exact ratio of claim settlement, but various online sources can be explored for getting an overview of the rate at which the insurer generally settles the claims of policyholders. It is a factor surely to be considered while comparing car insurances.
  4. Insurance Coverage: Some of the best car insurances in India offers an extensive coverage through their policies. Albeit their premiums are not dirt-cheap, the benefits that the policyholders receive are humongous. You should look for insurers offering the best deal of features like cashless repairs, cashless hospitalizations, No-Claim Bonuses, third-party cover, towing facilities, protection from natural calamities, break-in insurance, and others. 
  5. Add-on and customization options: Insurers now often provide an array of add-ons for customizing your car insurances, and there is no logic behind not availing them. For instance, by just paying an additional premium, you can get roadside assistance or key replacement cover, or a zero-depreciation add-on or an engine protect. The best car insurances in India generally allows such modifications and additions at any time during its validity, as well as at the time of car insurance renewal online. Comparing car insurances on the basis of add-ons offered is also a sound option.
  6. Brand name and goodwill: While many experts are not inclined to support the view of choosing an insurer based on brand value, for most car owners the situation is a tad different. People tend to go for the brands which they know, and there is no harm in it at all. Good insurance houses are popular for better deals, easier purchase and renewal processes, and trustworthy claim settlement methods. So going for a big name can get you one of the best car insurance in India for sure.

You can also go for third-party car insurance.

It’s always important to do a proper comparison between various insurances before settling on one. This applies while making car insurance renewal online or offline, as well as while purchasing it afresh. Though the above points are not exhaustive, they can definitely guide you on choosing the right car insurance, based on your needs. 



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