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Shuturmurg Yoga (Ostrich Pose) Steps And Benefits

Shuturmurg Yoga – The person doing this yoga is seen standing like an ostrich. Osthurmurgasana yoga is beneficial for us in many ways. This yoga asana helps us in many types of problems like back pain, reducing gas problems, reducing belly fat, and strengthening our body and some people call this yoga as Rabbit Yoga Pose. Know from too. Let us know in detail the method and benefits of doing Ostrichasana yoga.


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What is Ostrichasana?

Ostrumurgasana is a type of yoga asana. On doing Ostrichasana, it appears as if a person is hiding his head in the ground. Ostrumurgasana yoga is made up of two words in which the first word is “ostrich” which is a bird and the second word is “asana” which means “posture or position”. Ostrichasana yoga is called Ostrich Pose in English. The person doing this yoga looks like an ostrich. Ostrich pose is a great warm-up because it stretches your arms, shoulders, and hamstrings. Let us know in detail the method and benefits of doing Osthurmugasan yoga.


How to do Ostrichasana yoga –

Ostmurgasana yoga is a simple asana, it is very easy to do, it can be easily done by any person of any age. Some steps have been given to do this asana, with the help of which you can do it easily.


  • To do Ostrichasana yoga, you must first lay a yoga mat and stand straight on it.
  • Keep a little distance between your two feet and keep both your hands straight down.
  • Now keep your right foot at a distance of about two feet from the other foot and bend it 90 degrees from the knee.
  • Keep your left leg straight and do not allow it to bend at the knee.
  • Now bend your torso from here on the waist and bend down and let your head also hang down in a free state.
  • Straighten both your hands from behind by rotating them upwards.
  • Then intertwine the fingers of both your hands.
  • While in this position, you take at least three to five deep breaths and then lower both the hands and come to your starting position.
  • This is Ostrichasana yoga, you should do it in the direction of both feet.


Benefits of Ostrichasana yoga –

The Ostrichasana yoga posture is very beneficial for our body and it keeps us away from many types of problems occurring in our bodies.


Benefits of Ostrichasana yoga in back pain –

To cure back pain, Ostrichasana yoga is very beneficial. Doing this yoga asana gives a good stretch to the back of the legs and back of the neck and relieves back pain. Ostmurgasana yoga heals tired feet.


Benefits of Ostrichasana yoga strengthen the body –

For physical strength, Ostrichasana yoga is very effective. This yoga is known to strengthen as well as tone our lower body, arms, and legs. It helps in stabilizing and balancing the body as it enhances stamina.


Osthurmurgasana yoga for stomach gas –

For those who are troubled by the problem of gas formation in the stomach, there is a lot of Ostrichasana yoga. This yoga accelerates the process of metabolism in the stomach, which protects us from many diseases occurring in the stomach. This is a very effective yoga asana in reducing gas.


Ostmurgasana yoga to reduce stomach –

To reduce your belly fat, Ostrichasana yoga is considered good. By doing this asana, there is pressure on your stomach, which helps in reducing belly fat. Apart from this, more energy is required to do this yoga which burns calories and burns the extra fat stored in the stomach.


Beneficial Ostrichasana yoga for eyes –

Your eyes are also benefited from doing Ostrichasana yoga. In this yoga posture, when you bend down, the blood sends extra oxygen and nutrient-rich substances to your head, this increases the blood flow to your eyes. Osthurmurgasana yoga helps in eliminating many types of problems related to macular degeneration and eyes.


Before doing Ostrichasana yoga, keep these precautions –

Ostmurgasana yoga is a simple asana, but before doing this asana, you should keep the following things in mind-


  • If you are troubled by back pain, spine and knee pain, then you should not do this asana and must consult a doctor before doing the asana.
  • People who suffer from heart problems or high blood pressure should avoid doing this asana.
  • If you are a patient of any serious disease, then you must consult your doctor before doing Ostrichasana yoga.


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