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Tallit for women- Check out the detailed guide to help you shop easily for a tallit for women

Tallit or Jewish prayer shawl is an integral part of Jewish women’s fashion that not only looks attractive but portrays soberness that soothes the eye and evokes a sense of respect as well. If you’re thinking about buying a new tallit for women, that means you are now looking for a unique and festive gift. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most valuable pieces of garment that the modern Jewish woman can own.

Read on as in this article, we will be tracing all the crucial aspects of this unique spiritual attire with respect to its use and how the products of Galilee Silks abide by all of that. So, let’s get started.

Tallit For Women: The History

Tallits came only with black and white stripes during early times. But if we look at the current trend of modern society, women’s tallits have evolved beyond prayer shawls and have become a fashion statement by itself. This is why we have come up with a diverse collection of women’s tallit that will not just make you feel special andcloser to God but will also make you feel connected and spiritual from within. So, here are some facts that will give you a much better review of our tallits.

The Gradual Evolution

As you know, tallits were historically worn only by men. However, with the gradual evolution of independent women, we can now see them wearing tallits besides men. Women’s tallits are pretty different in comparison to the standard men’s tallit. Thus, our team of skilled tailors has designed the women’s tallit with a combination of various materials and symbols to suit your needs. It considerably increases the beauty of the tallits in an attractive and comfortableway. Thus, we can safely say that today the tallit for women is no more limited to religious customs but has become an essential and creative part influenced by trends as well.

Use of Pure Fabric

If we thoroughly look at the Jewish traditions, then we will find that wool and silk or even woven synthetic cotton is considered as the purest and the preferable ones for making a tallit. According to these traditions, using mixed fabric for tallits is prohibited. Hence, we at Galilee Silks only use 100% pure quality materials, and thus we have become one of the most preferred Judaica stores in the world. With the increase in demand, we have combined several types of designs to enhance the elegance of the tallits.

Exclusive Handmade Tallit

At Galilee Silks, we have combined various modern ways and techniques along with the traditional methods to make handmade tallit. Not only the tallit but the twinned corners or the four knots are handmade, and some of the pieces are hand-painted as well. Yes, machine-made tallit costs less than handmade tallits, but it’s always better to choose the handmade ones for women as they can give you the traditional look and feel to make you stand out from the crowd. The personal touch and attention to details along the private studio conditions make a handmade tallit a much better quality choice. Rest assured, each of the designs of our products is exclusively handmade in Israel by skilled artisans.

To Conclude

Galilee Silks has a wide selection of handmade tallit for women that can be easily customized as per your preference. Whether you want to add your own choice of colors, designs, patterns or any other change, everything can be done with our easy customization options. So, if you want to shop for the most exclusive pieces of women’s prayer shawl, just visit our online webshop Galilee Silks and explore our comprehensive products available at the best price.

Galilee Silks was founded as a single employee crafts business. Today, it is Israel’s leading silk designer and hand dyeing factory in northern Israel.


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