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The Best Sparkling Water Machine in 2022

Water is a building block of life. Life as we know it would cease to exist without it.We, as a people, understand the dire need to have that perfect glass of water when we need it most. Presenting “Kul,” the best water dispensing solution for your daily needs. The smart dispensing system allows for not just the ability to pick the perfect temperature. It also allows for the on-demand creation of the perfect glass of sparkling water. This gives you the best of both worlds. Look no further, for your next step in hydration awaits.

The “Kul” Sparkling Water Machine filters harmful microbes while ensuring that the dispensed water is rich in minerals as well as having a healthy PH level. Help the earth take a fresh breath by reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles and switching over to the “Kul” today.

The built-in touch screen display gives you access to all your customized hydration needs without a hassle. All this while giving you the ability to customize the wallpapers built-in to whatever suits your mood.

The “Kul” sparkling water machine system comes with child-safe technology. Parental controls ensure that those little ones are always safe to get their own glass of water. A built-in energy-saving mode works around your schedule and helps to save power otherwise. The smart display also gives you access to the cleaning mode as well as temperature presets with a wide array of options for instant hot or cold water. The plug-and-play software allows for the installation process to be as easy as it sounds. Simply plug it in and enjoy your first glass. The ability to make sparkling water at the push of a button paired with other features makes the “Kul” the best sparkling water machine on the market.

Best Sparkling Water Machine

The “Kul” sparkling water machine cleaning mode keeps track of your usage and the filter status to keep you updated about when the next filter change needs to be done. It also gives you an update on your CO2 levels for sparking water. No more worrying about the condition of your filters as well as your CO2 levels.

The “Kul” sparkling water machine can be connected to your existing water supply unit or be used with a sidekick reservoir. Making the transition to a better daily experience in hydration a simple two-step process makes sense. The smart sense technology helps minimize any wastage of water by ensuring the exact amount of water is dispensed. further helping the planet and increasing your contribution towards going green.

The “Kul” sparkling water machine, with its easy-to-clean design and detachable drip tray, is the easiest solution to keep things neat. The removable, easy-to-replace filter slots make any replacement possible in a matter of seconds.

Product Specifications: KUL – Sparkling Water Machine

  1. Smart Dispensing Technology
  2. Touch Screen Display (Customizable wallpapers)
  3. Easy connection (direct supply or Sidekick Reservoir)
  4. Environmentally friendly (helps reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles)
  5. Filter Monitoring technology- (Keeps you aware of the filter status)
  6. Child Safe Technology (Keeping the little ones safe and healthy)
  7. Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Instant Cold Water Dispenser
  8. Say yes to the next step in hydration, say yes to “Kul”.

Kul-Drink Differently



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