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the five most anticipated animation movies in 22 years

Although animation does not take up as much space as possible on the roster of hundreds of films in Hollywood every year, those who make breakthroughs to the big screen and major streaming media platforms reliably stretch out the roles of audiences and critics in the heart and mind. From the initial passion project to the sequel of the studio and then to the project of small studio, due to the nature of media, there are a wide variety of animation movies, ranging from role driven comedy to high concept spectacular scenes.

Over the past 20 years, with the birth of the Oscar for best animated feature film, animation movies have entered the competition for major awards. In order to win high praise, animation movies make continuous progress in technical strength and narrative skills every year. This year is an outstanding year for animation movies. Here are the five most anticipated animation movies in 22 years!

DC Super Pet Alliance

Conceptually, DC Super Pet alliance has family elements and can attract audiences in the four quadrants. Krypton, the super dog played by Jushi Johnson, leads a group of shelter pets. They are endowed with magical power, save the justice alliance and become the heroes of the metropolis. The creative team of John Whittington and Jared stern, who satirize the LEGO Batman film before the DC Universe, super pets seems to combine the comic style self-consciousness of the secret life of animals carnival with celebrity voice, which will make an interesting family movie night.

Wendell and wild

Wendell and wilder have been developing for more than five years since legendary director Henry Selick (who directed Christmas Eve and ghost mother), and finally found their home on Dogesflix in 2022. Wendell and wild, starring Keegan Michael key and Jordan Peele, are a pair of evil liar brothers who combine extraordinary horror with fantastic stupidity, all in a well-designed perfect freeze frame animation.

Bob’s hamburger movie

More than a decade after the release of Winnie the Pooh (2011), the great tradition of Disney hand-painted animated films has returned in an unexpected way. The film, Bob’s burger, will debut Fox’s hit series Bob’s burger, a musical comedy directed by producer Roland buchard. Fans of this indecent cartoon can expect to see the belchers singing and dancing in their 11 year musical adventure.

bad person

Similar to despicable me, super villain and invincible destruction, DreamWorks Animation’s bad boy assumes what happens if a villain wants to change his fate and become better. Adapted from Aaron brabi’s novel series, the film tells the story of a group of the most terrible members of the animal kingdom (wolves, sharks, snakes, spiders, snakes) trying to start from a criminal life and become model citizens. The film represents a change in the style of DreamWorks. It integrates high-speed elements into animation and traditional expressive design.


From the Avengers to the space Rangers, Chris Evans traded a vibrating gold shield for carbon terbium wings in Lightyear. Starting with Angus McLean, CO director of NEMO 2, Lightyear has fully realized the real blue space hero in the form of toys for the first time in toy story. The film will be starred by Evans, who will play the “real” Buzz Lightyear. It is it that inspired the toy we know and love. This toy comes from Andy’s room and the story is set in infinity and transcendence. This is a science fiction adventure film that Pixar has never done before. Light year will set a new technical standard for Pixar studio through its amazing, credible and expressive animation.



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