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These are the health benefits of a fresh, clean home

We all know that we should always keep our home neat and clean, but do we? Cleaning up or dusting often fails. But in addition to a tidy, clean house being a feast for the eyes, it also brings many health benefits. We have listed the most important benefits for you.

1. Cleaning is a workout

Speaking of good intentions: cleaning itself can be a real work out. Vacuuming, cleaning windows, up and down stairs. Before you know it, you’ll have burned calories again. And let’s be honest: after the holidays that can’t hurt for us! By cleaning and keeping your house properly cleaned every week, you ensure that you see some extra calories disappear like snow in the sun.

2. A clean house means less stress

A tidy house equals a tidy mind. It may sound a bit vague, but it is true and scientifically proven. This 2010 study showed that women with a messy house have a higher cortisol level than women with a tidy house. In other words: women with a messy house have more stress. This shows that cleaning up your house has to do with your own stress value.

So, make sure that your to do list is checked, and you will see that it is also a lot quieter in your house.

3. And therefore you eat healthier

It has been scientifically proven: when you are stressed, you have cravings for unhealthy food faster than when you are comfortable in your own skin. Because a messy house can cause stress, a messy house also indirectly leads to an unhealthy diet.

But there’s more. Not only does cleaning reduce your cravings for junk food, but it can really help you choose good choices. This 2013 study proves that people who work in an organized work environment are more likely to go for healthy snacks than people who work in a messy environment.

4. You are more productive in a clean house

This one is very easy: in a tidy house there are fewer distractions. It is very recognizable to us. While working we ‘suddenly’ see an old photo album, in which we are then swallowed. Bye productivity! In a tidy house, this distraction is much less present. This is also apparent from this study.

Benefits of having a Clean House




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