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Tips to Extend the Life of Men’s Slim-Fit Chinos

Chinos are everywhere nowadays. This style of trouser pants for men has been gaining more and more popularity for the past few years. There is no doubt that every man loves his chino pants and wants them to last for a long time. After all, chino pants are comfortable, soft, stylish, trendy, and versatile. A man can wear chinos for almost any occasion – formal or casual. Not only this, these pants can be paired well with a number of other items of clothing. This allows men to look stylish and smart. 

Be it regular chino pants or men’s slim-fit chinos, every man wants to keep wearing their favorite pair for years to come. While chinos have incredibly high durability, they can not last forever either. However, there are a few things that you can do to keep your chinos in very good condition. This can help them last for much longer. So, if you have recently bought a pair of chino pants for yourself, here are a few tips that can help extend your life. 

Tip 1. Turning chinos inside out before washing

One of the best things people should do before washing their chinos is to turn them inside out. Not everyone remembers to take this significant step while washing chinos. However, this simple trick can help in keeping the chinos in good condition for a long time. By turning them inside out, you can prevent the color of your favorite chinos from fading. The inner side is going to take all the bashing while you are washing your chinos. Hence, you can keep them looking new even after many washes. 

Tip 2. Not using the dryer for chinos

Dryers have made life a lot simpler for all of us. However, sometimes, the dryer should not be used after washing clothes, especially your chinos. Using the dryer can be really helpful for some clothes. But you should avoid using it when you are washing your chinos. It can lead to the shrinkage of your favorite pair of chino pants. In addition to this, it can also damage the fabric of chinos, making them wear out before their time. So, you should avoid throwing chinos in the dryer after every wash. Instead, it is better to simply hang them to dry them after the wash.

Tip 3. Avoid washing chinos too often

It is common not to wash denim jeans too often, especially after every time they are worn. The same rule should be followed when it comes to chino pants for men. Jeans and chinos are different from other clothes. They do not require a wash as often as other clothes. Ideally, you can wear your favorite chino pants about 5 to 8 times before you decide to wash them again. However, if there is a stain on them, then you can wash them right away.

Chinos are becoming a staple in every man’s wardrobe. So, buy a pair of high-quality chinos from Perk and keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to extend their life.



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