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Tips To Keep Your Knee Healthy and Fit

Knee pain is a common problem among adults nowadays. You don’t need to wait to knock on the doors of your old age to suffer from the discomfort in the lower part of your body. Due to a sedentary lifestyle and junk food eating habits; most people are entering the zone of obesity along with a lack of physical activities. As the result, the knee has to bear lots of weight which are beyond the limit. Moreover, the knee has to bear all the wear and tear as you need the support to walk against the gravitational force. For that reason, many people visit the Knee Pain Physiotherapy in Gurgaon to get relief.

Though, it is a very good habit to visit physiotherapy when you feel pain; you need to take care of your knee so that you can stay away from it. Here are a few tips that will help to keep your knee healthy.

  1. Maintain the body weight: If your knee has to bear tremendous weight; it will decrease the flexibility. Things get worst in case you have to use stairs. So, when you lose weight, your knee gets relief as well. So, it is very important to maintain a healthy weight to save the health of your knee.
  2. AntiInflammatory Diet: Inflammation is very bad for joints. Your daily diet takes an important role as the amount of inflammation present in the food. Ingredients like sugar, white flour are very bad for inflammation. A high protein diet with meat, dairy and eggs are also induced inflammation. While cutting down the intake of this type of food; you have to increase the anti-inflammatory ingredients like plant-based diet, whole grains, and water.
  3. Strengthen the Muscles: To support your knee, you need to do moderate exercises that will help to strengthen the upper and lower leg muscles. You can take the help of Online Physiotherapy Consultation in India to know the exact exercises that will target your quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteus and psoas. You can also incorporate yoga into your daily exercise routine. However, you need to keep in mind to add low-impact exercises that will protect the cartilage of your knee. You can include some good activities like cycling and swimming that will strengthen your leg muscles and prevent your knee from any sort of injury.
  4. Wear Right Shoes: Make sure you wear comfortable and supportive shoes that will keep your feet aligned. Moreover, you must select the shoes according to the activity. For example, for running go for the running shoes while walking shoes are good for a walk. The shoes are designed as per the movement of the activity.
  5. Check for Pain: It is very normal to develop pain if you have started the activity. It is better to consult the Knee Pain Physiotherapy Gurgaon in case you feel any discomfort. You can also give the RICE therapy at your home to your knee that comprises rest, ice compression and elevation. You can also take some over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines if required. Once you feel better; you must start your daily activity again. 

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