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Top 4 Secrets for Men to Always Look Great in a T-shirt

Look around you, most men would be wearing a T-shirt. Some may be wearing a pocket T-shirt while others might be donning a collared version. Men cannot survive without a T-shirt as it’s their wardrobe staple. But you know, you can look more than just average if you wear the t-shirt in the right way. 

We are here to share 4 secrets to always look stylish in a T-shirt. 

Know the occasion

The most important part of always looking your best in a T-shirt is by knowing when and where it is appropriate to wear it. One should always take the occasion under consideration when you want to stick to this basic piece of clothing. Every event has a dress code and don’t try to challenge it, you can fail miserably. For example, a formal function may call for a long sleeve white shirt while a simple solid color T-Shirt can be a good option if the event is casual. It does not matter if you are looking good, t-shirts have their own place. So, pay attention to the event you are going to, to avoid looking out of the crowd. 

Know your body shape

Another very useful secret to always look great in a T-shirt is to purchase it according to your body shape. There are so many types of T-shirts out in the market, each t-shirt suits a different type of body type. See, not everyone has a gym body or a slim body type. So, a tight-fitted T-shirt may not look as good on a relatively large man as it would look on a slim person because a tight-fitted T-shirt will highlight all the areas you have extra weight. This does not work very well for you. Thus, every person should know the 5 basic body shapes to buy a T-shirt that makes them look good. 

Condition of the T-shirt

Okay, so many people end up looking average in a well-styled outfit just because of the condition of their T-shirts. When you are using a T-shirt for a long period of time, the fabric of the t-shirt is definitely going to get affected with every wash due to wear and tear. So, there comes a time when it loses its color, the fabric loosens, that’s the time to discard your t-shirt. We generally don’t pay attention to the condition of our clothes, continue to wear them and hope it looks just like it was when newly bought. It may be the best piece of your wardrobe, but analyze the condition when required.  

Follow iconic looks

The secret to looking good in a simple basic t-shirt is to style it perfectly. If you want to always look stylish in a T-shirt, follow the iconic looks that have been a trend since forever. For example, pairing a white tee with blue jeans. 

Follow these secrets to look great in a simple T-shirt. You can checkout Perk Clothing to buy amazing T-Shirts. 



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