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Top 5 design tips to know for that perfectly embroidered workwear

Embroidery is a preferred decoration method that can be added to your staff or employees’ uniforms to make your company appear more sophisticated, established, and trustworthy. The brands or organizations that put additional effort to refine their uniform with custom embroidered workwear embody a solid reputation and respectability.

embroidered workwear

There are several things that you must consider before embroidering your company’s logo on the uniforms. If you don’t know yet, then look at these 5 embroidery design tips for that perfectly embroidered uniform.

Simple Design

Generally, designs that are too complex should not be used in workwear uniforms as they may impact the overall appearance of the embroidered print. This is because the stitching needle is thicker than the ink, thereby making the complex designs look tangled and illegible.

For instance, you may have seen brands like Polo and Lacoste using simple embroidered logos on their clothing. These logos have remained popular for the last few decades. The reason is the simplistic designs, that convey more to the customers and give a standout look to t-shirts.

Avoid ‘Too Big’ Designs

Except for a few selected sports jerseys (hockey team patches, football player numbers, etc.), large embroidered designs do not look good on the other regular clothing items. The reason is simple. Uniforms with large embroidered designs would seem like walking billboards.

Therefore, it is better to choose a small embroidered design with fine details and good finishing touch.

Pick the Correct Fabric

When designing embroidery, it is very crucial to pick the correct fabric. Embroidered logos usually don’t look good on cotton or performance fabrics but look great on denim and knits. The correct fabric allows your embroidery to be more visible and reduces its risk of getting deformed, whereas, in fabrics like cotton, barely after a few washes, the embroidered designs start fading.

It is a good idea to embroider in lighter fabrics as the material will gather around the embroidery, giving a ‘permanently wrinkled’ appearance to the apparel.

Place the Embroidery Properly

The position of the embroidery design in an appropriate spot on the uniform where it is accurately visible matters a lot as it looks attractive and productive. For instance, putting up a brand name exactly in the center of the chest may not look good, but a small-sized logo embroidered on the left chest (like in Polo or Lacoste) can work well and look good on the uniform. You can also embroider the logo on other areas of the uniform, like a sleeve or the hood of a sweatshirt.

Set your budget

Once you have finalized all the aspects of the embroidery design, it’s time to set a reasonable budget. The price of the embroidery depends on the type of threads and the fabrics used. The more complicated your design is, the more costly it gets. The size of the embroidery also plays a significant part in deciding the price. Setting up a proper budget allows you to choose the appropriate size and materials that can be used for embroidering your company uniforms.

To Sum Up

With custom embroidered workwear, you can give your company a higher value and your workers a more professional look. At Graphic Stitches, every embroidery design is made with top-quality threads by a team of experienced professionals that will last the lifetime of the garment with little to no color fading, withstanding industrial washing methods. It has an exclusive collection of workwear options that gives you the flexibility to choose as per your health and safety requirements. Whatever design idea you have, the in-house creative team can bring your design idea to life with attractive graphic art.

So, create your unique design and have your custom company uniforms embroidered from the Graphic Stitches today!

Graphic Stitches is a leading Perth based Embroidery One-Stop-Shop offering top quality Embroidery Services, specialising in fine detail and lettering designs. With well over 15 years of experience in the Embroidery Industry, we ensure that your logo is displayed in high quality embroidery with unbeatable price.


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