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Top 6 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Portal

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, if your business has a website, you can use CRM portals. CRM portals will help you take your business one step ahead. CRM portals are the best way to develop trust of customers and partners. You can also improve your global presence with it. And you can do this by showing CRM data to customers, partners, employees, or the community. This will help you develop a transparent relationship with them. 

There are a lot of CRM portals to choose from. Here we will talk about Dynamic 365 portals. Dynamics 365 portal adds functionality to the existing Dynamics 365 solution. With Dynamics 365 portal, managing documents, schedules, accounts, order sheets, etc. becomes easy. Thus, it will not only process your database but also maintain records in detail.

Industries like the health sector, insurance, real estate, travel, education, etc. can use Dynamics 365. You can use its functionality based on the user group. Even if you are not a CRM user you can perform activities using the CRM portal. You can update products, customer info, bill payment, invoice downloading with portal access.

Easy Integration

Dynamics 365 portals integrate with applications like Outlook, Excel, Word, etc. It also integrates with cloud services and external datasource. So you can have a single source with database accounting, marketing automation, and websites to create a single source. This synchronization facility helps in enhancing performance. It unifies with your office work flow. It also provides a secure and reliable payment gateway. 


You don’t need to perform your repetitive manual task with Dynamics 365 portals. By using your desired workflow you can create a process that reflects your business rules. You can apply triggers for automated approval requests, routine workflows, email alerts or route sales leads to specific members. You can achieve desired results by reducing repetitive work and saving time.

Data Security

It is an important task to keep your data safe. You can give access based on roles, records, and field-based security controls. Dynamics CRM stores data and processes it. So it reduces data leaks or breaches. Portals are a secure platform to make payments to your partners or receive payments from your customers.

Flexible Pricing

You can choose from a wide range of subscription choices. This makes it affordable for SMBs. You have to only pay for what you actually need. You can pay per user, per month in Dynamics 365. You can also buy plugins, and so you don’t have to pay for facilities you don’t need.

Regular Updates

With Dynamics 365, you will have yearly releases and weekly updates that improve the performance of your product and portal. Thus you will have more useful features to take your business one step ahead. 

Real Time Data Analysis

The Dynamics portal can fetch data from Power BI which helps in getting customer insights in real time. This helps in taking quick action based on the data. This analysis gives an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your business process and sales performance. 

Custom User Interface

Dynamics 365 portals provide a unified user interface. It helps users to access all the features. You can customize it as per your business, theme, logos, and more. Some Dynamics 365 customer portals have drag and drop functionalities. It allows you to personalize templates, layouts, and components.


Dynamics 365 centralized database benefits a lot. It gets easier to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of customers and partners when you share accurate data with them. To implement this you need a considerable amount of skills to configure Dynamics 365 portals. 

Depending on business requirements you need to configure features. If you expose access information without the necessary security configuration then it can be dangerous. So if you feel you need some help with this then there are various companies providing Dynamics 365 Portal services. They can help you with it. So, don’t put your business at risk, invest in a good CRM portal and increase customer satisfaction.



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