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Top 6 Ways to Have a Healthy Baby- Tips to Follow

One woman’s highest aspiration after marriage is becoming a mother; a Newborn child will bring joy, hope, and love into your life.  

Hundreds of duties come along with enthusiasm, though. Your kid grows from a single cell to a healthy infant by eating nourishment and the love and attention he receives from you while he is in your womb.  

To ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery of a clever child and the health of the mother both during pregnancy and beyond, consider the following easy but critical prenatal care suggestions.  

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Follow these early care pregnancy tips to have a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby. 

1. Keep a calm and collected demeanour: 

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, she is understandably nervous. Pregnancy-related emotional changes may be problematic for both mother and child if they become exacerbated, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women with a history of mental illness are more likely to experience mood swings. 

2. Consult your physician: 

You should see a pregnancy doctor if you think you’re pregnant. To be sure, the doctor may order a few additional tests. The doctor will interview you, do a thorough examination, and conduct several regular tests to provide the best possible treatment. Before you reach the 8-week point in your pregnancy, you should see a gynaecologist. 

3. A balanced diet is essential for good health: 

Pregnant mothers who are undernourished may give birth to underweight kids. To acquire weight, you’ll need to eat more healthfully prepared foods. Protein-rich meals, dairy products (which provide calcium), starchy foods, and lots of fruits and vegetables (which provide vitamins and fiber) belong to a well-balanced diet.  

It’s recommended to stay away from meals high in sugar, salt, or fat. Certain foods, including raw or undercooked meat and eggs and a variety of other foods that are not adequately pasteurized, should be avoided. Food like this might be a source of bacteria that could hurt a pregnant woman’s health.  

4. Exercise: 

Moderate-intensity activities are strongly suggested for expectant mothers. Cardiovascular and muscular fitness are boosted as a result of this workout. Brisk walking and jogging are the best forms of exercise since they don’t put too much stress on the joints. Do not participate in any sport that might potentially cause abdominal injury. 

5. Relationships between sexes: 

Having regular physical interaction with your spouse is perfectly safe throughout the first trimester of your pregnancy. During pregnancy, there are no known benefits or drawbacks to having intercourse. No damage is done to the fetus by sex during pregnancy.  

In addition to the amniotic sac and the uterus’ powerful muscles protecting the fetus, the thick mucus plug that closes the cervix also helps protect the infant from infections. A miscarriage or premature labor cannot be brought on by sexual stimulation or orgasm in a healthy, low-risk pregnancy. 

6.Tobacco use and alcohol consumption: 

Most of the time, you are not a female smoker. Unfortunately, you may be a second-hand smoker without even realizing it—smoking during pregnancy, whether actively or passively, is harmful to the developing fetus.  

Avoiding venues where smoking is permitted is one of the most critical pregnancy care guidelines. Adults who drink are also putting their unborn children at risk—drinking alcohol while pregnant may harm your developing baby since it crosses the placenta. Even a modest sip, even for a toast, should be avoided since infrequent drinking may be detrimental as well. Make sure your glass is full of grape juice, not wine, before raising it. 

Pregnancy is filled with joy and anxiety.  Symptoms including nausea, heartburn, constipation, disorientation, puffiness, backache, stomach pain, and headaches may need explanation and reassurance. It is advisable to consult your doctor whenever required. 

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