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Top 7 Essentials to Optimize Your Google Search Engine! Google SEO tips and Strategies from an the expert!

Who wouldn’t want top ranking positions in Google? 1st Page Ranking in Google is not easy, you just need to adhere to Google Optimization Guidelines and this article provides a summary of the 7 Fundamentals to Google Optimization.

Google optimization is about following Google guidelines, Google likes ethical SEO practices, those SEO practices which are to help website owners as well as Google and it has published guidelines for SEOs here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/webmasters/seo.html

Original and Fresh Content that is Fresh and Original

Valid and clean code

Simple and Easy Navigation

Good Interlinking of Web Pages

Incoming Links that are relevant and healthy

Domain Age and Registration Timeframe

Same Contacts on Domain Registration and Website Registration

Fresh and Original Content Google loves fresh and unique content on your web page. You can choose to have text or content the content of your site Google can’t browse content that is displayed on photos or images. SEO Company in Lucknow

Clean and valid code
Clean and valid code allows google crawl deeper, make sure to place content in the middle of your website’s page. do not ignore nesting, Javascript or comments. In fact, try to reduce text by using the aid by external CSS.

Accessible and easy navigation
Text or image-based navigation makes it easier for Google to read Google bots aren’t able to read flash, javascript, dhtml or base navigation. Try to stay clear of these methods which Google does not like. Make sure your navigation is on the the top or left of web pages. ensure that you add the sitemap page to direct web users and bots to every page on your site If you have a huge site, make sure you include at least all major categories’ links on the websitemap page.

Good interlinking of Web pages
Web links are similar to streets and roads at websites Make sure that all internal hyperlinks are text base or image base, and have relevant information.

Relevant and Healthy Incoming Links
Google prefers websites that are referred to especially when they come from reliable and relevant sources. The more links that refer to you, the better the rankings. One thing to be remember that one pertinent new link is superior to 100 irrelevant links.

Domain Age and Registration Time for
Google began keeping new trademarked domains registered in the sandbox in April of 2004. in sandbox the majority of new domains remain on probationary for 6-8 months. Sometimes, for longer durations, Sandbox domains don’t get excellent rankings.

Google also prefers to rank higher for domains registered for longer durations, such as five or 10 years, since whoever registers domains for a longer periods shows how the owner is serious about his/her business , and will probably not conduct SPAM on those domains.

Same Contacts on the Domain Registration and Website Registration
Google is a fan of businessmen who are honest and a businessman who is honest doesn’t fool his visitors on his website Google prefers sites with physical mailing addresses on their contact pages. google compares it to that physical address used for domain registration.



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