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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Treat Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is uncomfortable, causes irritation, and can give cracking headaches. You will have a stuffy nose, sore nostrils, and it may accompany fever or weakness. Congestion may also cause snoring and bad breathe. Thus, it is vital to treat the congestion on time and keep yourself safe against multiple health issues. If this condition persists for long, you may have to use anti-snoring sprays and take other treatments to get better. Let us dig deeper and discuss why nasal congestion should be treated on time. 

Nine reasons why you should treat congestion

Affects Metabolism 

Breathing is a process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide also comes from the fat that you get from food in the form of triglyceride compounds. When your exhalation process gets obstructed due to congestion, the carbon dioxide does not release from your body, affecting your metabolism. 

Triggers Anxiety

When breathing gets challenging, the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. Due to this, the working of the nervous system may get affected that can trigger anxiety and depression in people. Moreover, the discomfort can irritate people, losing their calm. 

Dental Health

Nasal congestions dry out the mouth and decrease saliva production. Now, saliva contributes to maintaining dental health and aids digestion. It thus increases the chances of getting cavity and tooth decay.

Affects Memory

When your nasal passage gets shut for breathing, it affects memory consolidation. As per a study, nasal breathing enhances your memory and helps store the short-term memory clips into your brain for longer. According to Aria Jafari’s case-control study of 22 patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and 22 healthy patients, participants with sinonasal inflammation showed decreased brain connectivity within the frontoparietal network.

Sleep Apnea

It is a disorder that interrupts your sleep or stops it entirely for short intervals during your sleep. Due to this, you will wake up several times during the night, and it can get severely dangerous if the breathing stops for several minutes. 


One of the most significant health issues that accompany nasal congestion is snoring. It starts right from the time your nose feels congested and gets worst as the stuffiness increases. You may have to use the anti-snoring nasal sprays to get rid of this and keep your blood pressure under check. 

Bad Breath

As nasal stuffiness can lead to cavities, it can also cause bad breath. Moreover, as the nasal passages are not getting cleared properly, the mucus gets produced in the sinus, and bacteria in the nasal cavity may also give a foul odour.

Sports Performance 

The inhalation and exhalation process needs to be smooth for people who work out regularly or play sports actively. Hence, it is better to treat the congestion on time to keep up with the routine. 

Chest Congestion 

The above problems are not the only things that come with a stuffed nose. It can also get worst. The infection may move to the chest, giving sore throat, fever, and weakness.


If you want to keep yourself safe from all these issues, the best way is to treat the nasal congestion well on time. Use an anti-snoring sprayfor instant relief. You can also opt for home treatments like taking steam, nasal sprays and drinking herbal teas. If the situation is worse, it would be better to consult a doctor and take medication. Treat it on time and stay healthy.



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