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Top Three Traits an Environmental Consultant in Calgary Should Have

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city in Alberta with remarkable industrial growth. However, the city has managed to retain its “western” charm. With Canada playing an active role in combating climate change, the cities and provinces are doing their bit to become eco-conscious. 

Environmental consultants are much in demand due to their expertise in the field. From startups to large enterprises, businesses rely on experts to adhere to the industry regulations and become sustainable commercial establishments. Many environmental companies in Calgary hire consultants to assist enterprises in the process. But how do you identify a successful environmental consultant? What are the top traits the consultant should possess? Let’s take a look. 


Three Traits an Environmental Consultant Should Have 

An environmental consultant should have much more than a degree in environmental science. We aren’t talking about subjects or what is taught at the university. An excellent environmental consultant takes responsibility and gets the job done. 


1.    Communication and Clarity 

Environmental companies in Calgary need to explain complex aspects to clients in simple terms. Being an expert doesn’t necessarily make one a good communicator. The consultant should simplify complicated policies/regulations and present them in simple words. The clients should understand what the consultant says. There’s no margin for error in such instances. Even a slight mistake can result in huge losses. 

The consultant should first clearly understand the situation to communicate it to the clients. At the same time, the consultant needs to know how much to share with the client. Not every business wants to see the minute details of the process. They’ve hired a consulting service to take care of it, right? 


2.    Team Playing Abilities 

An environmental consultant has to work with a bunch of people from the consulting company and the client. The consultant cannot work in isolation and hand over the report to the management. They have to attend meetings, share ideas, overcome roadblocks and create a comprehensive plan for the client to adopt and follow. A consultant who can’t work with teams may not be the right choice of hire. 


3.    Discipline and Dedication 

Do you know the stressful part of being an environmental consultant? Deadlines! The environmental companies in Calgary are responsible for submitting the reporting and filing the applications on behalf of the client. The consultants often work under strict deadlines with pressure from the client and the government. 

Being disciplined and dedicated to the job is sometimes the only way to finish the project within the deadline. Also, the environmental consultant has to be dedicated to protecting the environment and helping businesses become sustainable. 


Final Words 

An environmental consultant has a wide range of roles and responsibilities. From assessing air, soil, and water in an area to identifying sources of contamination, providing safety guidelines, conducting environmental audits, and helping businesses adopt eco-friendly practices, the consultant needs to don many hats and be proficient in all things related to the environment. 



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