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Understand the Sacred Concept of Tawwakul From Muslim Pro App

There is an extensive list of religious things and significance to know in the Islamic religion. With a regular study and receiving valuable information at the other end. One can get to know the hidden facts of the sacred religion. 

Concerning the same, if you want to know the deep significance behind salah, adhan, Ramadan, the meaning of five times a prayer, and more. Then, you have the best online resource available in the form of the Muslim Pro App on your smartphone. It gives you end-to-end information about the Islamic religion and teaches all Muslims several hidden truths, manners, and meanings.

One of the imperative and sacred things you can know about the Islamic religion from the application is Tawwakul. For many, it could be a newly heard term, but those who know might understand its significance.

So, over here, we let you know something about Tawwakul related to its meaning, misinterpretation among several Muslims. And, the real significance of this term from the very story of Prophet (PBUH).

Without any further adieu, let’s get started on the same.

What is Tawwakul?

Tawwakul is one of the four important pillars of Islam. It means, showing a valuable faith in Allah, taking care of you, your loved ones, and things. It showcases the level of immense trust and reliability over Almighty after performing a specific action from your side. 

What Most People Misinterpret About Tawwakul?

We have already mentioned the literal meaning of the term Tawwakul, which is also there on the Muslim Pro App. Still, there are instances of several Muslims, misinterpreting its meaning. For many people, Tawwakul is all about supplicating to Allah, which is like a passive side of meaning. On the contrary, Tawwakul is an active trait that helps rely on Allah in life.

What is the Story Behind Tawwaful?

To better understand the significance of Tawwakul, let’s get it’s into the story mentioned in the hadith as follows.

One day the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) noticed a ‘bedouin’ (desert Araba), leaving his camel without tying it, and he asked the man, “Why don’t you tie down your camel?” The ‘bedouin’ answered, “ I put my trust in Allah”. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) then said, “Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah”. Tirmidhi

As per the meaning of this hadith, Prophet (PBUH) is trying to say that bedouin should not just leave the camel without tying and think that Allah will take care of it. This is important to put some action first, before relying on Almighty to take care of you. Therefore, it is imperative for the bedouin to tie up the camel first and then put his faith in the Almighty. 

So, from the above-mentioned response from Prophet (PBUH), it is clear to say the fact that Tawwakul is an active trait. You need to show your trust in Allah, only after taking some action and then seeing the goodness in there. 


There is an incredible range of things to learn about the Islamic religion and then find your closeness to Allah. It is essential to follow the religion and understand the significance of sacred pursuits well to bear the fruit in full strength. Therefore, know in detail about Tawwakul from the mobile application along with other relevant information.

Author’s Bio:

Sadith Hakeen

Sadith is an experienced content writer and an avid follower of the Islamic religion. He has written several informative articles to let readers know about the religion from deep inside.



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