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Using Voice automation of clinical processes to transform patient Care

Amazon Lex and Amazon connect can be used as building blocks for voice automation to simplify laborious, click-heavy electronic medical record tasks and make them more efficient. The use of clinical voice technology has the potential to transform patient care. We recently created a software team for healthcare for a client to achieve this.

1. Operating rooms – For Operating rooms, the solution would allow surgeons and support staff to interact with a digital voice assistant before, during, and after surgeries. The solution is able to query data, such as allergies or current medications, from the patient’s electronic health record and also allows clinicians to start and stop verbal timers, as well as allow staff to complete verbal safety checklists for the surgery.

2. Patient Exam rooms – For patient exam rooms, the solution includes a listening application that would capture dialog between clinicians and patients in a secure and compliant way. During an exam, the conversation between patient and provider is transcribed and indexed for clinical relevance. The solution runs on a client device (i.e. an iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC) in the exam room using in-room microphones that the clinician controls which is activated only after taking the patient’s consent. After the visit, a summary note of the interaction is automatically generated in real-time and emailed to the patient as well as inserted into the clinician’s Electronic Health Record.

The unique solution eliminates the manual management of patient information which causes nursing and physician burnout by capturing the important information and maintaining the patient-physician relationship. It has the ability to capture doctor-patient conversations, transcribe the interaction using Amazon Transcribe, and draft a note that is then coded and imported directly into the EMR. It is not only secure and industry compliant but also aims to improve the clinical workflow of a physician by saving time, reducing clicks, and increasing patient-physician collaboration.

We at Silstone Health specialize in creating Software teams for Healthcare providers to help them create unique solutions that will allow them to streamline their processes using the latest technology and services. Contact Us


Advantages of using Remote patient monitoring provided by costs and higher efficiency for healthcare providers, real-time results, higher quality services, etc.


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