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we’ve brought you the best family movie of 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, now is the best time to review all the wonderful films released in the past year. If you are looking for a family movie for the whole family, there are many good choices here.

This year, there are many films that have been postponed. As the film world adapts to all the changes brought about by the pandemic, the rise of direct streaming films. Movies – as they often do – continue to provide perfect escape, regardless of your age. In this era of uncertainty, it is particularly gratifying to see some healthy and family movies.

You may have watched family movies comfortably at home or ventured back to the cinema, but anyway, there are a large number of family movies that can meet all your needs. Whether it’s a return to favorite, a new hero, a new villain or an animated musical, we’ve brought you the best family movie of 2021.

SpongeBob: sponge escape

Your favorite pineapple SpongeBob may have made some changes in this fully computer-generated animated film, but all the elements in the original and subsequent derivative films are still original.

SpongeBob’s fans will be impressed by this gorgeous new animation and will be delighted with all the funny and stupid humor you know and love. From Keanu Reeves’s clever Tumbleweed (yes, you’re right) to a song and dance film with “cowboy pirate zombies,” sponge on the run is really a movie with everything.

If this description hasn’t sent you there yet, the rest of the movie will make you feel like you’re in some crazy dream – but in the best way. The plot of Gary fardon’s best friend, Harry Potter’s best friend, who plays bill as a sponge, is caught by Gary fardon’s best friend.

The film contains so much content that you will want to watch it over and over again. Children will enjoy the Bizarre Adventure and stupidity of the film, which has a lot of funny scenes – and some amazing adult references – to entertain older audiences. Although director Tim hill was disappointed with the release of the film, it was praised by critics, and ign’s Christie pucko called it “a good time full of laughter and relaxed madness”.

Raya and the last dragon

Over the years, Disney princesses have undergone great changes, from passive princesses who need to be saved by handsome princes to willful and independent princesses who have proved their ability to save themselves. Raya definitely belongs to the second type. Her story has no romantic secondary plot at all. The story takes place in the fictional kummandala area. Raya’s task (Kelly Marie tran) is to find the last dragon to unite hostile factions and defeat the evil ghost druun.

“La Ya and the last dragon” is a Disney film, which is groundbreaking in many aspects. The cast is almost all Asian, and the creative team is mainly composed of women. Producer osnat Schuler said of the filmmakers: “it’s very exciting to have more people of different genders, backgrounds and races in the room and we’ll see more of ourselves on the screen.”

Another famous feature of “Raya” is that it is the first Disney film made in the United States, because the epidemic has forced filmmakers to find new ways of working, including dubbing actors building temporary recording booths at home, in closets or anywhere they can find. The unique environment in which Raya was produced and released reinforces the film’s message about unity and the importance of unity. The film itself is beautifully animated, interesting and warm. It easily becomes one of the best family films in 2021.

Mitchell to the machine

Following the great success of spider man: into the spider verse, Sony animation has once again achieved great success with a strange Mitchell vs. the machines. This timely film tells the story of a family trying to establish contact at a time when the global Robot Uprising threatens human survival.

The film focuses on the eldest daughter Katie (Abby Jacobson), who is about to move to California to attend film academy. Her father Rick (Danny McBride) thinks the Mitchells need a final intimate experience, so he plans to drive Katie and other family members there for a family drive. Meanwhile, technology billionaire Eric Bowman (Andr é) has launched his new home help robot to replace the outdated artificial intelligence pal (Olivia Colman). Pal was angry at the decision and ordered robots to catch humans and launch them into space.



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