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What Are Custom Smell Proof Bags, And Are They Truly X-Ray Resistant? | BrandMyDispo

Currently, on the market, two types of smell-proof bags are ideal for travellers who want to protect their belongings from odour and pass any thorough inspection.

The first is a smell-proof bag, which allows you to put anything Smell Proof inside, including cookies and marijuana, and it will not smell at all.

On the other hand, X-ray-proof bags contain no radioactive elements and are completely harmless, so you don’t have to worry about x-rays harming food.

What exactly are Mylar bags?

A foil pouch, also known as a mylar bag, is a thin, flexible package commonly used to package food. They are made of several layers of laminated paper and aluminium. Because the metal is separated by food-grade plastic lining when lined in the paper, it can be safely used to store food.

As a result, the mylar bag serves as an excellent barrier against light, moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants. Mylar bags provide an effective light, moisture, and oxygen barrier to protect the food contained within the bag. The material is also used to protect glassware and prescription bottles that have been filled.

Are Custom Smell Proof Bags truly X-Ray-proof?

Custom Smell Proof Bags are intended to protect your belongings from unpleasant odours, but are they truly X-Ray proof? Some customers believe the bags are made of a material that prevents radiation from passing through them.

Although this is true, the smell of your bag will still be detected. If you’re carrying a smelly item and want to keep it hidden, put it in a sealed plastic bag. These bags will also keep strong or foul odours away from the rest of your luggage.

Continue reading to learn more about what Smell Proof means for different types of luggage.

Do X-rays detect Custom Smell Proof Bags?

A Smell Proof bag is intended to protect your belongings from unpleasant odours. It also keeps the rest of your luggage Smell Proof, even if you’re transporting smelly items like shoes or dirty laundry.

The idea behind these bags is that most airport security systems use an X-ray machine to see through objects such as plastic bags. The idea is that by using a material that does not allow radiation to pass through it, the contents of your bag will be completely undetectable.

What is the truth? Even if an X-ray machine cannot detect what is in your bag, airport security can detect it with their sight and smell. You won’t even realize they can smell it until they open your bag and ask you about it! Without using an X-Ray machine, airport security can discover that you have something stinky in your bag in various ways. So keep this in mind before packing stinky items in your luggage.

When travelling through airports, it is critical to be aware of commonplace products. Our blog will look at the information that could put you and your travelling companions at risk. Don’t smuggle drugs in these bags if you’re going through a sensitive airport. Because they are not completely x-ray proof.

The best way to deal with these situations is to be aware of them and take appropriate precautions. Avoid these bags at all costs because they will land you in serious trouble.

Do Custom Smell Proof Bags cause x-rays to be triggered?

Packing smelly items in a sealed plastic bag is the best way to keep your luggage safe. This keeps your carrier from being detected by an X-Ray machine, but there are other ways to keep your belongings safe.

Custom Smell Proof Bags are intended to keep odours from emanating from your luggage, but they will not prevent the odour from being detected by an X-Ray machine. If you’re worried about airport security detecting the contents of your luggage, put smelly items in a sealed plastic bag or ziplock bag before putting them in your suitcase.

Packing odorous items in a sealed plastic bag will help keep the rest of your luggage Smell Proof!

Is it possible to store food in x-ray-proof bags?

The best way to store your product is in X-ray-proof heat-sealable safe packaging. It would be best to use the proper bags to keep your product sealed and Smell Proof. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use heat sealable bags. Make certain that the bags’ gauge is correct. A thicker gauge is more dependable.

You should also ensure that your bags are completely oxygen and watertight. If you’re concerned about the quality of the bags, buy them from a reputable dealer.

The best way to protect your items from radiation is to use X-ray-proof heat-sealable bags. Normal bags are susceptible to x-rays and are easily broken, whereas x-ray proof bags cannot be seen on any standard films and are resistant to chemicals, moisture, and mildew.

Their technology is so advanced that they have been tested and guaranteed to block all radiation, including high-dose x-rays.

What type of luggage should be used in conjunction with Custom Smell Proof Bags?

Custom Smell Proof Bags can be used on any luggage, but they are particularly useful for soft-sided luggage. This is because hard-sided luggage frequently has a plastic lining that prevents the smell from permeating the bag.

So, if you’re carrying something stinky and want to avoid detection, put it in a sealed plastic bag. These bags will also keep strong or foul odours away from the rest of your luggage.


Custom Smell Proof Bags are an excellent way to protect clothing from the chemicals used in laundry. If you must pack clothes that cannot be washed in Custom Printed Smell Proof Bags, your luggage should be made of soft material that allows for air circulation.

The materials used to make luggage can also impact how well the bag resists x-rays. Consider using polycarbonate or aluminium luggage to ensure your luggage is x-ray resistant.



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