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What are the best benefits of the excellent mortgage calculator Dublin?

You are in the right place to know all about the best mortgage calculator in Dublin. You can know the monthly mortgage repayment amount for a specific tenure within a few seconds. It will also help you compare the mortgage rates and reduce them with the EMIs. Though many mortgage calculators are available, only the best mortgage broker can offer an easy-to-use mortgage calculator. And along with it, they can offer many financial services like refunds from HTB schemes and paybacks from switching mortgages and others. In addition, it will help you to utilize the falling interest rates to get new mortgages or switch your existing mortgages. 


So, check out the many benefits of the best mortgage calculator in Dublin to compare the many incentives offered by the increasing lenders and their decreasing interest rates. 


What is the demand for the best mortgage calculator in Dublin on the rise?


As of February 12, 2022, there are over 50 million Irish people, and only 7,28,000 out of them have taken mortgage loans. The Central Bank report confirms only less than one in seven people have availed the mortgage loans. Recently, the Irish government is launching many schemes like HTB or Help To Buy and to expand the local authority home loan schemes of the state-backed mortgages quickly. Hence, more number of people taking first-time home mortgages get a refund of up to 30,000 Euros. Also, with the severe competition among the increased lenders to offer more incentives like cash backs apart from reducing rates and monthly mortgage repayments, the demand for the best mortgage calculator Dublin has been increasing since last year. 


What are the benefits of the best mortgage calculator in Dublin?

Compared to the UK, where 75% of mortgagers switched to better lenders in the last few months, only 4% have done it in Ireland. Because of not being aware of the many benefits of switching, re-mortgaging includes up to 65,000 Euros cashbacks. Hence to make them know all of it, the best mortgage calculator in Dublin will be of great help. It is one of the accessible tools to use even by laypersons without any difficulties. And by keying in only a few numbers, it is easy to calculate the current interest rates for both fixed and variable, mortgage rates, and the cashback incentives from all the lenders. It will increase the number of mortgages in Ireland to get the refunds from the government and the cashbacks from the lenders. The following are the few benefits of the best mortgage calculator in Dublin. 


  • Enables to compare the best mortgage rates from all lenders over various periods


  • The easy-to-use facility helps people know how much they can borrow the deposit amount and become eligible for the first-home buying refunds. 


  • Helps the over 1,78,000 eligible mortgagors to switch their mortgage to better lenders for availing the many benefits, including the refunds


The above facts and benefits will surely make you use the best mortgage calculator in Dublin to get the first-home buyer refunds and the many incentives of switching mortgages.

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