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What Do You Call Bad Custom Packaging?

So you think that you can only benefit from your Custom Packaging? You don’t really see that when you do not include the right features or make the right decisions for the options, things might go horribly wrong for you. If that is the case, then let us show you the horrible side of your packaging and how it can impact your business.

Custom Packaging Created With Low Standard Material

It is never fair to the product you spent a fortune on to pack in something below average. The packaging has to be of superior quality. The material needs to be the finest thing you have ever seen. Because when you use high standard material for the packaging that is when the customers will know the product inside too is of the same quality, or perhaps better. The customers will never see the product first. It is the packaging they are going to come in contact with. And it should be a standard reflection of whatever is inside.

Material for the Choices Wasn’t Durable or Strong

Products cannot reach the customers damaged. Because if these do, there are going to be several issues. Firstly, the customers are never going to buy damaged or useless goods. These are going to be returned to the makers. Second, they are going to bad mouth the brand for not ensuring the integrity and quality of their goods, regardless of the issue. Though the products were high quality, but because of a silly mistake with the packaging, everything went wrong. When products are sent back, the brand is going to be at loss. The first loss would be the cost spent on the products and packaging. The return shipping charges too will be on the brand. In short, there is nothing for the brand with a broken item. All because the material could not ensure anything.

The Design of Cartridge Packaging Options Was Far Too Tacky

Overdoing anything simply kills it, be it the product, its design, packaging or whatever. With that, when brands are not much bothered about taking the packaging style and design over the line, they are in for some trouble. Because the whole thing looks too busy. The Cartridge Packaging has too many images perhaps, or content, design, decorative items, colors, and fonts etc. In short, everything makes the whole thing look far too tacky. And this is the kind of packaging customers usually run away from. You need to keep these things in check. You need to make sure your packaging isn’t crossing any lines. Keep it elegant, sophisticated, and classy. But nothing more.

Product and Packaging Design Were Inconsistent

When there is no harmony between the product and packaging, the customers will not be happy with your decisions. They want something that is a reflection of the product inside. We are, of course, talking about the packaging design itself. It has nothing to do with the product that has been packed inside. It doesn’t reflect anything about the product. This is when the customers feel annoyed. They feel the brand was reckless and careless enough to just throw in the product without a care. The customers feel they weren’t heard. Or the brand doesn’t care about what they want or feel. In a way, the customers want to be heard. They want to feel special. When you create a packaging that is reflecting their feelings being taken into consideration, this is going to make them feel special.

CBD Packaging Design Was Not Honest with the Brand’s Identity

The design needs to be honest and true to the brand’s personality and identity. When you stepped into the industry, you boosted and displayed this identity about your business to the world. But with time, that didn’t say consistent. Minor changes to that identity might be forgivable, however, when you make major modifications, that’s when things go horribly wrong for the brand. Because there are times when brands change the entire design of their CBD Packaging. At times, they will modify the logo as well.

Here’s the thing you need to understand. Slight modifications with the packaging design may seem fine. However, when it comes to the logo, you are to not even touch it, change it to the slightest. Because the logo is the identity and customers recognize your business because of that. When the logo has been modified a bit, the customers might think it’s a new business in town and not for a second imagine it could be your brand. That’s how they miss purchasing your goods. Similarly, the packaging needs to stay loyal and honest to this identity and personality. If you really want the customers to keep purchasing your goods.

Too Much Misleading, Inaccurate or Irrelevant Content

Customers usually get an idea about the product through the packaging, especially when they are purchasing it for the first time. With that, when the customers look at a packaging with irrelevant, misleading, inaccurate, or beyond necessary content, they get a mix of feelings. Some feel furious because of the content being incorrect. Some are just left in a state of confusion because the content itself isn’t clear enough. Some feel they are being played with because there was too much irrelevant content on the boxes. In short, the customers feel the brand is not being honest with them. For that reason, they are simply not up for purchasing these items.

Brands need to work on their content and ensure everything is accurate and relevant. Moreover, the content on the boxes need to be precise. It shouldn’t be less enough to leave the customers confused. It needn’t be too lengthy that they feel annoyed and leave the product for something else. They want something they can read quickly and figure out the product.

Custom Packaging
There is not always good Custom Packaging. There are times when these options can go horribly wrong, especially when you do not focus on key features of these choices.


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