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What do you know about the difference between generic and branded medicine?

Generic medications are replicas of each other and hold the same medical significance. These medications are also FDA-approved as they are tested under a strong process to prove safety and efficiency.

The FDA has already stated that the pharmaceutically equivalent considering the safety and efficacy.

The FDA ensures that the generic medications are equal in terms of purity, strength, stability, and quality as their brand counterparts. So let’s now discuss the difference between generic and branded medicine.

Cost difference

You will come to know that generic medications are comparatively more affordable than branded medicines. The price can be up to 85% less, as per the FDA.

Other differences reduce the cost of generic medicines that we will discuss here.

Zero research cost

Generic medications are affordable as they do not need to invest funds in research such as branded medications.

Brand-name production invests a lot of money in various clinical trials and research studies. Generic medicines use the same active ingredients that are used in branded counterparts. Therefore, the effort of proving safety for the same active pharmaceutical component is not needed. It saves a lot of producers and marketing money that in turn benefits customers.

The difference between generic and branded medicine 

Generic medications are made by several producers. Therefore, the competition is very high in the market, which further decreases the price of the medicines.

However, people do know about the lower price gap in both the medications, and it can affect what manufacturers they select for buying generic medications.

One of the research studies consisting of 278 participants examined the topics and their knowledge regarding generic medications. The results showed that 88.8% of volunteers were aware of the price differences. Around; 80.2% claimed they chose generic drugs because of a pocket-friendly price.

The appearance of generic medicines

Including the common Difference Between Generic and Branded Medicine, they only have the same pharmaceutical importance. However, features of the medications that will not affect the medical purpose are allowed; such differences are allowed and accepted across the globe. It includes their appearance.

In the USA, the trademark law does not allow generic medicines to same as the branded medications.

Generic manufacturers are needed to submit ANDA for FDA approval. This document is required to be submitted to the FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs (OGD). Generic medications are allowed to have a different physical appearance.

The OGD has developed a document to guide generic manufacturers to produce tablets according to the given guide. It offers parameters from both the producers and safety points of view.

The study’s researchers say that evidence for concluding is not yet available to understand; which the best is.

When choosing the better option between branded and generic medicines, a person’s healthcare expert will consider the specific health issue and current research while recommending medicine.



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