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What is a Carbon Steel Round Bar?

What is a carbon steel round bar?

Carbon steel round bars Steel bars that have been hot rolled are utilized in a variety of applications. This steel has a low carbon content and excellent mechanical characteristics. It’s simple to make using standard structural procedures like moderate cold and hot shaping and welding. Carbon steel bar is a carbon and iron alloy with up to 2.1 percent carbon content by weight. Steel’s hardness and strength will rise as the carbon content increases, but it will become less ductile. Carbon steel Round Bars have good hardness and strength attributes while being less expensive than other steels.

Properties of Carbon Steel Round Bars

Hight Strength: Between 1425 and 1540°C, a high carbon steel round bar has a very high melting point. Its near-non-destructive properties, particularly in high-temperature and high-pressure settings. The high carbon round bars, for example, are dependable when employed as part of an automotive vehicle’s suspension and shaft systems. This is owing to their ability to maintain quality even when exposed to high levels of heat generated by the combustion process.

Malleable: Fabricators and producers can easily handle these materials because they are easily malleable. Steel made of carbon Round bars, unlike stamped items that must go through press breaks or even CNC machinery, do not require expensive equipment to make. Round bars are made using simple manufacturing procedures such as milling, grinding, and casting. Mechanical Properties of Carbon Steel Round Bars Carbon Steel round bars have Tensile Strength of 400-510N/mm2 and a Yield Strength of 245 min N/mm2.

Applications Of Carbon Steel Round Bars

Steel made of carbon Round bar is a type of general-purpose steel bar with outstanding formability and weldability that is used in a wide range of applications such as auto manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, petrochemical plants, auto-power and wind-engine, metallurgical machinery, precision tools, and so on.

– Auto manufacturing

– Aerospace industry

– Auto-power and wind-engine

– Metallurgical machinery

What are the advantages of round bars?

  1. High strength
  2. Comes in different shapes
  3. Malleable
  4. Excellent surface finish

Round bars are pre-finished metal goods having a circular base that are thick and pre-finished. Round bars, also known as bar stocks, are commonly utilized in applications that need shafts or rods. They can be made in a variety of diameters, ranging from 14 inches to massive, 24-inch thick stocks for heavier-duty applications. Round bars must therefore be produced of a long-lasting raw metal or alloy, such as steel, aluminum, iron, or titanium. Regardless of whether an industry relies on one or both of these metals, round bars remain one of the most formidable materials for achieving great load-bearing capacities and aesthetic finish.



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