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What Restaurant Managers are Looking for in a Pastry Chef Hire?

Are you an aspiring pastry chef? Looking for tips on how to cater to high-end employers?

Pastries are one of the most popular food items that people enjoy to eat whether it be in a cafe or formal dining! You can never go wrong with pastries. A trained professional chef who makes pastries such as cakes, pies, custards, glazes are what restaurant managers look for. Due to its high demand and customer ratio, pastry chefs make these items in bulk and in advance for customers and each order should match the standards of the pastry brand or business. Pastry chefs also make other edible items such as bread, croissants and other wheat-based products.

The work scope of pastry chefs are vast as they are welcomed into restaurants, diners, hotels, private clients and so on. These days business workplaces have turned flexible to cater their staff and employers with different refreshments during breaks. This is when being a regular customer to pastry chefs who own their own independent business find their source of income.

In popular food franchises and restaurants, they hire only the best among the best in their stations. Where quality exceeds quantity, so certain pastry chefs who match the company standard gets a better chance at succeeding! To know and learn these standards you will need perseverance and consistency throughout your business venture. Restaurant managers are on the lookout for the best pastry chef hiring in talent pools, here are are few important factors that can improve your chances of success,

Start Honing Your kitchen Skills

Baking and pastry both are both tedious jobs, mastering the necessary skills is equally important with hard work. Making pastry must be precise from the start to finish, the method of working is not the same as culinary chefs. In the culinary field, you can taste and modify the dish however, for pastry to taste good specific ingredients and techniques make up the structure and taste.

Baking is practical. Where properly measured  ingredients are used to create a chemical reaction, this transforms the dough into a loaf of bread or a batter into cakes. Any mistake in any step causes room for failure. Pastry chefs need to be proficient in using technical skills. Restaurant employers often look for pastry chefs and bakers with a technical degree or certification although it is not a necessity. Culinary arts pastry courses imbibe their graduates with knowledge and skills such as menu planning, baking basic pies and pastries, sanitary measures, mathematics and so on.  They align with basic baking principles that employers expect in their employees.

Get Experience in Industries

In the market, the scope for pastry chefs are available in entry levels—such as baking assistant or pastry cook. However, in hindsight five-star restaurants that have a robust pastry menu look for pastry chefs with a considerable amount of work experience. There are culinary schools that offer industry internships before graduation, these allow students to practice their baking skills, knifing and other basics, they get exposed to the kitchen system as well. Where teamwork skills are developed.

The title of “pastry chef” doesn’t turn up easily, it takes a combo of both knowledge and experience, joining a pastry school helps advance your baking career seamlessly. Being a freelance pastry cook takes time and dedication judging by how the market reacts to freelancers.

Look for Business Opportunities

In pastry schools the program has menu planning involved in the curriculum, where students learn about creating a menu that attracts customers and profit. A pastry chef is often given the responsibility of making a dessert menu, the duties such as managing food cost, inventory to prevent leftovers, portion control are expected by employers. Since running a restaurant is essentially about running a business as they deal with customers on a daily basis, keeping track of daily expenses in inventory and analysing prices that seem to bring profit on a sustainable scale is important.

Pastry chefs are also expected to be good managers, with a team assigned they need to be effective communicators and supervisors. Whether it’s to settle misunderstandings, divide work or give advices. After all, a proper communication model promotes productivity and teamwork.

Interpersonal skills

Being a chef takes immense self-determination and motivation since every day has its challenges. The two interpersonal skills cannot be taught and are always sought out after by recruiters. In the area of management, choosing the right decision in the spur of the moment can be overwhelming but having a determined mindset means to make the best possible educated decisions. The daily ritual of coming to work on time and ready for another day of work brings in much to the table for team members and co-workers in the culinary department.

Practice small tasks day-to-day in order to improve your confidence on the task, similarly reminding yourself why you wanted to become a pastry chef. Practice this mantra to fuel self-motivation and determination. The culinary world is not for the weak-willed, much like honing a diamond in the rough every step of the way is a test to how far you will go.

Practice Creativity

While executing old recipes to create perfect pastries are desirable to the general public, creating something new and delicious excites the same on a massive scale! Trying our new methods of baking cakes and pastries are always seen to be flourishing these days. Customers and employers are interested in new tastes and products to try. Pastries and desserts are part of full course meals for the longest time, working on a new creation that enhances the overall meal is the aim for most pastry chefs.

Being able to control waste is vital in restaurants so making dishes that are creative yet adaptive helps promote more offerings to customers in the restaurant.


Foundation is the most important part of any career. Being a master of the fundamentals in baking and pastry art education already forges your culinary path. Recruiters execute best pastry chef hiring methods to find proficient candidates.



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