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Why Agile software development is important for a Healthtech Startup

Agile software development is collaborative, interactive and dynamic in nature hence it’s widely accepted and useful in many industries, one of which is healthcare.

The traditional Waterfall approach with fixed, sequential steps proves to be a failure and turns out to be outdated when solving complex and dynamic issues associated with the Medtech industry. Hence, it is safe to say that Agile Methodology is the answer to many concerns faced while building a medtech product and below are the Agile methods, we at Silstone health stick to-

1. Planning Iterations – The perfectly planned sprints enables frequent interaction within the team, bringing about implementation of ideas more efficiently and quickly.

The sprints are usually week-long plans that pen down the agendas to achieve a usable version of the product, validate the same and request changes if necessary.

In a healthcare setting, where plans get outdated very quickly due to the ever growing nature of the industry, such sprints allow us to re-evaluate and re-implement new requests at any stage.

2. Creating User Stories – This stage aspires to answer the “who”, “what” and “why” questions from a user’s perspective. It’s a team effort where all the requirements are planned to allow the developer to build a relevant product and usually provides a room for innovation. Having an experienced team with knowledge of the healthcare industry allows you to collaborate in a progressive way such that none of the complexities while dealing with the regulatory requirements ( e.g. HIPPA law), needs of the actual users ( physicians, patients, healthsystems) are left unanswered.

3. Prototyping and Executing the product – Rapid prototyping ( just like additive manufacturing ) helps to execute an MVP/ the end product faster. It is inclusive of rigorous testing of the product to eliminate any bugs or issues. It also takes into account the feedback gathered from the first phase of testers and helps to work on it, Thereby, producing a product adjusted to end user’s expectations.

For an industry like healthcare where all the variables are not known from the very beginning and has a lot of need for innovation, adopting an Agile methodology is the right way to go. Feel free to drop us a message, if you want to build a digital health product with clinical impact. Visit for more information.

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