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Why Doing ASO of Short Video Application Like Library App is Mandatory?

Are you ready with your newly developed short video app to hit the respective app store? Are you expecting an expected rate of app installation and maximum engagement from users? For meeting all these objectives, have you done the app store optimization? If not, then there are high chances that users will not be able to find your app on the app store and there would be no installation.

Just understand the fact that Google App Store is already filled with 2.1 million apps and there are 2 million apps on iOS App Store. So, there are the least chances of your app to get found.

What matter is to do the optimization of your app store with a marketing strategy called ASO. It helps improve the visibility of your library app featuring an interesting line of videos. Moreover, it generates a high level of traffic towards your app to witness an optimum level of downloads.

So, it is imperative for you to understand the virtues of ASO towards your feature-rich, intuitive, and interactive application.

Let your App Be Found

It is true that every app owner wants to get his app found on the respective app store. A majority of users find an app using a search based partner and use keywords. Thus, a successful ASO strategy generates a relevant list of keywords related to your app and be found.

How Does App Store Find Keywords?

Both Google Play Store and iOS App Store act in a smart way to make your app found easily. The app store algorithms first index the relevant keywords related to your app, after that the app title, short description, and the long description. The combination of these entire let your app ranks high in a particular category and lets users easily found the same.

Keep the In Front of the Global Audience

As per the ASO strategy, your well-defined mobile app is not optimized for a local demographic region only. Necessary steps are taken to increase the visibility of the app across the international audience as well. It is so because, localizing the app across different countries increases the visibility of the app, reach more and more people. And, ultimately create a widespread brand image across national and international borders to see maximum downloads.

Another task that comes under a profitable ASO strategy is translating and optimizing the app as per the demographic region. It includes converting the app icon, screenshots, description, and title according to the respective language of a global audience.

Prevent App from Being Removed from App Store

It is an important thing to notice that an app store only curates the apps having high ratings, reviews, optimized keywords, and an improved retention rate. Those having low-quality features and bad reviews are removed from the app store.

Therefore, ASO becomes all the more important for your app’s success to get a high profile rating and reputation. As per the optimization strategy, positive ratings, reviews, interactive UI/UX, fast operating speed, and retention rate are improved to let the app performs well on the app store. Also, it prevents the chances of getting your app rejected or removed.


Creating a rich-featured and engaging mobile app is like half the battle won. The other half depends on the number of downloads positive reviews, and level of user satisfaction. Simply attain all this by prioritizing the ASO strategy to let your app found and receive an increasing number of downloads.

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Robin Aghesta

Robin is an experienced, well-versed, and innovative writer having deep level of expertise in Librari App and ASO strategies. His in-depth writing depicts the result-oriented solutions for the success of an app.



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