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Why you need Chemical Overhaul For your aircon ? Benefits of Chemical Overhaul

The warm climate in Singapore often leads to using aircon to cool their homes and offices. However, the regular usage of an air conditioner for long period without aircon servicing can cause problems like a water leak, Foul smell, and Bilking Issue, etc. Hence this problem to solve by the chemical overhaul .

What is Chemical Overhaul  ?

The process of a chemical overhaul to clean all parts in the air conditioner using an appropriate chemical solution. The chemical overhaul to increase your aircon efficiency and lifespan.  And also prevent infections, major aircon problem, water leak, Stinks, etc. It gives a new and fresh look to your aircon.

Benefits of Chemical Overhaul :

  1. Clean the Entire air conditioner unit  :

The Chemical overhaul process thoroughly cleans the entire unit by using chemicals. It removes the dirt, dust particles, Foul smell and algae etc. The process to everything clean and check all inside aircon components in the air conditioner. After the chemical overhaul service, you definitely know the air conditioner better performance and a new look.

  •  It make Better performance of Thermostat :

The thermostat is one of the most important parts of an air conditioner because the thermostat is responsible for cooling. If this part does not function properly, automatically reduced the cooling capacity. So you should clean the thermostat with an appropriate chemical solution, That can remove the dust and dirt. It does not affect any corrosion.  To ensure this process prevents the major aircon problem from the thermostat and produces fresh cooling air without any issue.

  • Prevent Water Leakage Issue :

If you do not maintain the aircon properly can cause of water leak from your aircon.  So that it form of algae and dirt. It affects cooling efficiency and reduces aircon quality. It prevents this major issue you should service the aircon by Chemical Overhaul.

  • Prevent unexpected major aircon Breakdown :

Air conditioner servicing is very important, If you using aircon for a long time without servicing. It may break down the aircon inside components parts. This cause can increase aircon repair charge and You will get more trouble. when you have serviced yearly through chemical overhaul it prevents the aircon components and avoids unexpected issues.

  • Reduced Electricity Bill and Save money  :

The chemical overhaul service cleans dirt, dust, clog in your aircon unit. so that it cant take more time to cool the room. and prevent major aircon issues. It benefits of reducing your electricity bill and saves your repair cost.

Chemical overhaul service is a must required for your air conditioner. It Improves the aircon performance and prevents the major aircon issue. If you Plan chemical overhaul service you generously engage the CoolCare aircon service company.  CooCare will provide this service through highly technical experts as well as reasonable prices. and also the best aircon servicing contract CoolCare provides at best privilege. CoolCare is always stand-up for your aircon needs.

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