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Why You Should Let Plumbers Handle Stormwater Drain Cleaning

Stormwater drains are specifically designed to store, contain, and transport large volumes of water that enter into rivers or other waterways. These drains are located around the perimeter of homes and businesses near areas where water runoff occurs. If they become stopped up with debris from nearby trees–including leaves, twigs, bark chips, mulch, pine cones and acorns–the water will have no way of draining. That means a flooded basement, ruined flooring and expensive repairs to be done.


Emergency plumber Sydney owner Justin Rizk understands that most homeowners prefer to solve plumbing issues such as leaking faucets or clogged drains on their own. However, if the bathtub drains extremely slowly or stops up entirely after it rains, it is best for a professional who deals specifically with stormwater drainage problems to address the issue quickly and efficiently.


Here are the reasons why you should leave stormwater drain cleaning to the experts.


1) Experience: There’s no need to stress about learning how to use complicated machinery or not knowing what tools will help. A reputable plumber has all the resources necessary to take care of any problem that affects your plumbing system including a powerful drain cleaning machine that is strong enough to clear any blockage. Even if they come across any tough debris, they can simply use their high powered water jetting to clear the drain.


2) Health & Safety: Although you may consider storm drains safe, there is always a chance that whatever is making your drains back up could be harmful if it makes its way into your plumbing system. Since plumbers are professionals who deal with this kind of work every day, they know how to keep themselves and their environment safe while working on your drain.


3) Stain Removal: Stormwater runoff doesn’t just affect the outside of our houses; it can leave marks that are hard to clean on the inside as well. These stains come from all sorts of pollutants like dirt, oil, grease and even toxic chemicals like gasoline or pesticides which can leave behind dangerous residue. A plumber will know what kind of chemicals to use to help get rid of any stains left by the stormwater runoff so your home can be clean and safe.


4) Less Expensive and Time-Consuming: Not only is it more cost-effective for you, but because plumbers are equipped with advanced drainage technology there is less time spent working on each job. Instead of having to call a plumber every few months, you won’t have to do this task again in years thanks to improved equipment!


5) No More Mess: One concern a lot of people have when hiring a professional drain cleaner is all the leftover water that ends up getting everywhere when they clear out a drain blockage. Because plumbers know exactly how to clear every single blockage in your stormwater drain, there will be much less mess leftover when they are finished.


6) Better Drain Performance: Professional drain cleaning not only makes it so the drains can keep working at optimal levels but also keeps them up to code with city or county regulations. The last thing you want is for your drains to work improperly because that means more potential problems down the road!


7) Lasts Longer: Even if you do all of the right things to take care of your plumbing system, allowing professional plumbers to handle this task once a year will make sure everything works properly and lasts you longer. Think about it this way; what’s better – replacing an expensive part every few months or getting years of service out of your plumbing system?


8) Better Coverage: If you experience anything that affects your plumbing system, instead of having to worry about whether or not you’ll be covered by insurance, many insurance companies will allow plumbers to come and fix any problem for you. This is especially helpful during the winter months when most pipes freeze over. 


9) Easier To Get Help Quicker: Although they are professionals who know what they’re doing, sometimes things happen that are beyond their control. For example, if a storm drain gets completely clogged or there’s some kind of flood, not only will they be familiar with the necessary resources needed to clean up this mess but can also guide you on making sure it doesn’t happen again.

10) Eco-Friendly: Stormwater runoff is not just unsightly, it harms the environment as well. By working with plumbers who are trained to handle stormwater drain maintenance you can keep your drains operating at optimal levels without harming the environment or adding to global warming!



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