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Will You Repair Or Replace A Leaking Roof?

When your roof starts to show signs of wear and tear, it is important to understand what you can do with it. Maybe the damage is just a little crack that needs patching up with some repairs, or maybe you need to find a replacement for most parts of your roof. Understanding these two options and how they will impact your home is crucial when making this decision. 


According to roofing supplies Sydney owner David Zammit, a leak in the roof is typically due to one of three reasons: insufficient protection from the elements over an extended period, improper installation, or poor craftsmanship. If you can fix or patch your roof yourself, you will not only save hundreds if not thousands on outside labour costs but also be able to find out exactly where the leak is coming from before making any permanent repairs. Of course, you can also hire a reputable contractor who can give you professional advice on what to do with your roof, and make the necessary repairs or replacements as instructed while you stay safe.


Here are some things to consider when deciding on repairing or replacing your roof after identifying any leaks on it.


If there is water standing at the point where it meets exterior walls after rainfall or snowmelt, you will find a leak there. If water is “beading up,” that means it is seeping in slowly and will likely lead to extensive damage over time because of trapped moisture. If you can see shingles discoloured from sooty mould, fungi or algae, this indicates a roof leak. Sometimes leaks are imperceptible until they have already done their damage, but sometimes you can hear them if you place an ear to the deck or look for drips at night using a flashlight.


Look for signs of leakage along the valleys and flashing points where different types of roofs meet. Water travelling under flashing points can drip through just about anywhere depending on where your decking material intersects with flashing or seams in your components. Pay attention to any exposed plywood or visible seams in the decking material itself, since this is a likely place for moisture intrusion to occur. Also, look for discolouration of wood decks and areas where mould might be growing along seams or vent slits. If you have an unidentified source of water entering from outside, you will need to start by looking at the exterior walls of the house and roofline.


If it is simply an issue of insulation and ventilation, consider adding more vents or increasing insulation levels around problematic areas. If you find problems with fasteners holding down underlayment and shingles but no visible signs of leakage at the moment, you can still fix these issues quickly and cheaply by using adhesives instead of nails wherever possible. Just be sure to check your roofing shingles for any exposed nails that might have missed the underlayment. Finally, you can not only seal up seams and cracks with weatherproof caulk or silicone but also create your flashing tape using aluminium foil, electrical tape and clear plastic film. Just be sure to use aluminium foil as an adhesive rather than wrapping it around after applying the other materials so it does not come loose over time.


If you are not sure whether it is time to repair a leaky roof yourself or call a contractor, consider hiring a professional inspector who can assess the damage before going forward with any repairs that will cost more than what you would save by completing them on your own. Consider hiring a contractor if there are damaged components including the flashing, shingles and plywood that must be replaced to stop water intrusion. You might also use a contractor if your home requires scaffolding or other equipment that is better equipped than you have on hand. But if it is just a matter of identifying the source of the leak, there are ways you can do this yourself without climbing up on your roof to risk injury.

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