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Places Where You Can Park Your Expensive Exotic Car

There’s some speculation as to why there is so much speculation as to why there are abandoned luxury cars in Dubai. Some experts opine that this is because many of these cars are imported by wealthy individuals from around the world who use them as investments. Consequently, when they decide to sell the cars, they end up in Dubai. This is one reason why there has been an increase in the number of such cars being found in areas near Dubai like Jumeirah, Satwa and Emirates Hills.

There’s also a little known reason why so many luxury cars end up here. In this case, the owner of the car is likely to have been living in Dubai for quite some time now and had gotten used to driving in this country. He then puts his expensive car on a lease or hire contract with someone who will then be the main driver. When he is gone, the car is left on the side of the road, covered with garbage and graffiti. It is then abandoned in a location where it becomes prey to thieves and car thieves.

Such abandoned luxury cars can be found in different areas in Dubai. For example, one can find abandoned luxury cars in the Bur Dubai area. Another example is in Satwa, which is near the Gold Souk. Another place you will hardly ever see these cars is in Jumeirah, which is the commercial hub of the city. It is here that you will find most cars being parked in the streets, being abandoned or being sold by their owners to make way for the development of more expensive houses in the area.

The reason why there is so much speculation as to why there are abandoned luxury cars in Dubai is because they are seen as wastage by many. Many feel that they are thrown away by their owners either because they do not have use for them anymore or simply out of irritation that has come into their minds. Some feel they are stolen vehicles by criminals, some feel that they are run over by taxis and others feel they are taken away by thieves. However, there are also people who feel that these cars have long since made their way to Dubai and are simply waiting for a buyer. They can be bought at very cheap prices. This is the reason why many Dubaiis, especially foreigners who are living here temporarily, are attracted towards these cars, particularly the ones that have been abandoned.

However, even though there are many reasons why there are luxury cars that are abandoned in Dubai, there is one big reason that they are abandoned – profit. If you look at how the city was developed in recent years, you will understand why there are so many abandoned cars in Dubai. Development took a toll on the environment, not just on the roads, but on the local infrastructure too. As the city developed, a lot of land was left unused and this left the city with a lack of money for maintenance and other services.

Consequently, the city started to neglect its infrastructure and instead spend the money on luxury cars that were left behind. As time went by, the population of Dubai grew and with it the need for basic services such as clean water, electricity and even toilets. This caused the construction companies to employ more laborers from underdeveloped countries, mainly those in east Asia, thereby allowing them to construct more luxury villas and hotels. Consequently, as more luxury cars were abandoned in Dubai, the price of foreign labor increased and eventually forced the expats from their homes to leave. Many of the luxury cars left behind were not worth that much money, or were of such poor quality that the owners simply sold them off at very cheap prices, often times for charity.

There are many areas in Dubai, where one can find luxury cars parked in back lots. These areas are usually left untouched by the local population and are not heavily patronized by anyone. Parking lots in Dubai are a good place to find these types of vehicles as the expatriates that live there have no interest in keeping them, as they have no use for them anyways. Sometimes, you will be able to find old UAE buildings that are left abandoned and unused. These parking lots are also very cheap and are just the perfect places for you to park your cheap foreign car.

When you visit areas like this, you will often see vehicles like a Toyota Supra being sold off for cheap. If you have the money and would like to purchase one, you should definitely visit these areas and look for one. Just like anywhere else, you will have to be careful about purchasing a bargain, especially an exotic car. However, the thrill of owning an exotic vehicle is well worth the risk. Once you have acquired your own luxury car, you will never think of leaving it behind in any alley or parking lot ever again. With so many abandoned luxury cars around, there is no reason for you not to have one.



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